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Playoffs Tournaments: 2/17/2012 13:58:14

dunga • apex 
Level 55

in this link you can see the thread with the results of the 1st playoff tournament:

The idea is simple, players playing a series of Best of 5 games at 1v1 matches.
The main goal is to great players play more games against each other, in a series of matches to reduce the luck factor. In a single tournament each player will play at least 10 games with only high skilled players. So this tournament is invitational, aiming to have always a great number of players among the best. (I don't suggest that me or any other player in this tournament are at highest level of the game).

Of course there many many awesome players left out in this tournament, and are these players that I invite to the next tournaments.

you can ask for invitation in this threads, or you can also open a game with me in strategic 1v1 template practice game and chat about what tournaments would you like to join.
Known players and players invited or choosen by the current players in the first tournament will be prioritized.

**2nd Playoff Tournament Strategic 1v1**
(Best of 5; 32 players)

**1st PLayoff Tournament Multiple Templates**
(5 templates, 1v1, 16 or 32 players, discussion about templates in the link)

**World League Strategic 1v1**
(Round robin groups of 8, with advancing groups, 32 players max)
Playoffs Tournaments: 2/17/2012 14:02:39

dunga • apex 
Level 55
oops, i cant change my post, so here is the links:

1st Playoffs tournament:

2nd Playoff Tournament Strategic 1v1

1st PLayoff Tournament Multiple Templates

World League Strategic 1v1
Posts 1 - 2 of 2   

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