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HELP: iPhone and iPad apps are acting up...: 2/21/2014 05:12:45

⛳ lh70 
Level 60
Since today, my iPhone (iPhone 5) and iPad (iPad Mini) apps are bombing out (throwing me out without saving my orders, or going black on me (buttons still showing, but no map).
Am I alone in this...?
Is this due to a recent update (bugs with release)...?
Thanx for your efforts to fix + thanx for everything on WARLIGHT.... Great job!
HELP: iPhone and iPad apps are acting up...: 2/21/2014 05:37:38

Level 57

WarLight Creator
I'm really sorry about that. It is indeed a bug in the recent update to the iOS app that affects iOS 7 devices.

I've submitted a new build to Apple that fixes the issue, and also requested an expedited review to get the update out as soon as possible. As soon as Apple approves it, it will appear on your device as an update.

One player said that he deleted the app and re-installed it from the App Store which fixed it for him. It's something you can try, but in my tests this hasn't worked. In the meantime the only other options are playing from a computer at, from an Android device, or from an iOS 6 or earlier device.

Hopefully Apple approves the fix soon.
HELP: iPhone and iPad apps are acting up...: 2/21/2014 08:58:25

⛳ lh70 
Level 60
Yep, I'm staying current on my games via, but it does slow my game down a bit. No worries, as I'm still able to get my orders in before boot-times become an issue...
Glad that the root-cause appears to be found and that a resolution is imminent.
HELP: iPhone and iPad apps are acting up...: 2/23/2014 09:04:23

⛳ lh70 
Level 60
new update has arrived and is being uploaded/installed ... I'll let you know if same or worse than before...
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