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Surrendering to all AI's: 2/23/2012 23:21:36

[REGL] Pooh 
Level 59
Why is it that when there is one player left against only AI's (Everyone else surrendered or booted) and that final person left surrenders, the AI Votes to End rather than play it out?

Example: Big USA. My bonus is 3x the only remaining AI player and 85% of the map is taken. Rather than go through the tedious process of winning the remaining 15% of the territories (~300 more) I could let my AI clean things up.

Its clear the other team lost, and I'll take my chances that my AI won't lose it for me.
Surrendering to all AI's: 2/24/2012 02:13:21

Level 45
Probably because the AI runs on the server. Especially for large maps, it wouldn't surprise me at all if it takes a lot of CPU cycles to run the AI. Much less multiple AIs.
An additional problem is that the AI is pretty good at attacking, but less so at defending; it's not at all uncommon for a player (human or AI) who has basically lost to still break through an AIs lines; once behind lines, he'll obviously be surrounded by a lot of AI-controlled territories. Then stuff really breaks; the AI will deploy a bunch of armies to one bordering territory, but leave the rest with only one defender. Since the AI dominates the map, it has lots of orders to give, retaking that one territory behind his lines will not generally be its first order. However, the small player, about to lose, has little else to do, so using those armies to attack another territory (which will probably only have a single defender, making the attack a sure thing) is going to be one of its first orders. Net effect: it takes place (and succeeds, evacuating the whole stack to a territory where the AI doesn't expect it and is therefore not attacking) before it gets wiped out by the AIs attack. It will often take the AI a ridiculously high number of turns to completely destroy its opponent.

Possible solutions:

- Use the `AIs surrender when only a single human player remains` option. (Note, if you are losing, but boot your single remaining human opponent two turns before being eliminated, the AIs will *also* surrender, even though their victory was assured. If you use this solution, you'll have to live with that.)
- Don't play on maps *that* big with AIs; since they have no concept of "lost cause", they'll fight to the bitter end, making you go through the rather boring process of actually eliminating them. (Note: this doesn't just mean not having AIs at the start, it also means not letting booting / surrendered players turn into AIs.)
Surrendering to all AI's: 2/24/2012 17:34:31

[REGL] Pooh 
Level 59
Thanks, Very Practical. I guess if i want the win, I'll have to stick it out.
Surrendering to all AI's: 2/24/2012 17:51:47

Level 55
Well, I think the short answer to the question is that you can uncheck the option "AIs surrender when only human remains" option, while keeping the "players turn into AI controlled players when surrendered" option checked. This way you have the potential of still winning the game. I believe this will still count to your wins, I'm not sure if it will hurt you in any other way stat-wise.
Surrendering to all AI's: 2/24/2012 19:55:39

Level 44
tp, no.. in a non-tourney game, when it is down to all AI's, they will instantly VTE.. need the first option checked, or have to play it out..
Surrendering to all AI's: 2/25/2012 08:04:37

The Red Hoard
Level 19
Glad I saw this John, I will uncheck booted or surrendered playas turn into Ai's. That should take care of it huh?
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