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new card ??? Just an idea: 2/26/2012 18:32:57

Level 12
Just had a though on a card that might make for some interesting games.

AirRaid or AirAssault ...

basically like the airlift card but would actually attack the territory selected. This might be a good "bonus" breaker especially on the really big maps.

Another thought i had was for an uprising or insurgent card. Play it on a territory or region and i could spawn an independent AI that would fight for its independence.

new card ??? Just an idea: 2/26/2012 18:46:33

Level 2
I think those are great ideas for cards, another one I have thought of would be to convert an enemy territory to you, kind of like your rebellion card.
new card ??? Just an idea: 2/26/2012 18:55:48

Level 12
Check the UserVoice forums guys.

[Airstrike Card](

There are a few more ideas like that if you search for them.

I know your insurgent idea has been proposed before too, but I can't find it at the moment.
new card ??? Just an idea: 2/26/2012 20:44:07

Level 45
I'm not so sure, I think this could pretty much ruin the game.

Think about it, who leaves more than one army behind on all their territories? So, if you've almost been defeated, just airstrike into any random territory; it will surely have only a single army on it.

Basically, in a game with this card, you'd be forced to leave a considerable amount of troops in **each** of your territories, for fear of losing a bonus, having to waste a bunch of turns cleaning up the invasion and then have a whole lot of armies stuck miles from all the real action.

Also, combine this with army caps and you've got an unplayable game...


Would that uprising card only work on neutrals, or also on opponents?

If it would work on opponents, what stops you from playing uprising on his huge stack as soon as it comes out of the fog? Sure, it'll still be dangerous, but less dangerous than a stack controlled by a competent human, less dangerous than a stack which can be further reinforced by the player who initially created it and most importantly, less dangerous than a stack aimed only at you (as soon as it becomes an AI it will attack both you and your opponent).

Even if it can only be played on neutrals, it would still be a very nasty trick to play on someone who just Abandoned or Blockaded a territory behind him to catch his breath; if that (already inflated!) bunch of armies suddenly becomes an AI...

At the moment I think this card is way overpowered; can you make some suggestions to keep the basic idea, but to prevent it from deciding the entire game all at once?
new card ??? Just an idea: 2/26/2012 22:30:22

[WM] Dazed & Insane 
Level 50
It wouldn't imbalance the game unless the cards were random and only one person got one. In a balanced game both players would either start with one or get them on the same turn or within 1 or 2. You can't imbalance a game if both people have the same abilities. 1 person uses his airstrike too soon and then the other guy airstrikes his airstrike the next turn which will leave you with only the loss of a few bonus armies for 1 turn. This could be a lot of fun and would add more depth to the game.

As for the Insurgence card, that would be mildly annoying but seeing as the AI is an idiot, only a minor inconvenience. Could also be a fun addition.
new card ??? Just an idea: 2/26/2012 23:12:22

Level 45
That is true if it is the only card in the game. However, if I get stuck with "just a reinforcement card" when my opponent gets an airstrike... That would be very difficult to recover from!
new card ??? Just an idea: 2/26/2012 23:33:19

[WM] Dazed & Insane 
Level 50
In most high lvl games all cards have the same weight and everyone will get the same cards every turn so that wouldn't be an issue(so long as they take a territory every turn.) However in randomized card games, this could be a big problem if the airstrike card were in the template. Then again several cards can be modified to imbalance a game already :P You wouldn't join a game that had a 100 army reinf b/c the person that got it would win. That's why we check the settings before joining, if we don't like it, we don't have to join it :)
new card ??? Just an idea: 2/27/2012 00:06:30

Level 19
It is a good idea. You don't need to play games that use that card if you don't like it.
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