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New Map: British Isles: 4/9/2010 16:25:26

Level 2
The archipelago that ruled a quarter of the world at one point, turned into a map for your enjoyment.
Territories are based on existing English ceremonial counties, Welsh preserved counties, the traditional counties of Ireland, and more or less the regions of Scotland, though with Strathclyde and the Highlands divided.
Connections are either land borders or ferry routes.

No, Orkney is not supposed to be part of the Scotland bonus.

New Map: British Isles: 4/9/2010 16:31:31

Level 57

WarLight Creator
Nice map!
New Map: British Isles: 4/14/2010 00:40:56

Level 14
Looks good! Only thing that I'd like to see at first glance is larger bonus boxes. Right now I have to zoom to really be able to tell how much a bonus is worth.
New Map: British Isles: 4/14/2010 19:17:16

Level 15
Yeah, I haven't played the map, but I took a quick peak at it and had the same thought as Troll. The scale looks to be off in a way that makes the bonus boxes much smaller than they need to be. If you fix that it would be a nice improvement and make the boxes much easier to read. As it is you have to zoom in a long ways to make them out and one shouldn't have to do that so much when it doesn't appear to be necessary with the size of the map.
New Map: British Isles: 4/14/2010 19:48:48

Level 2
That's fair enough. There's going to have to be a 1.1 release anyway, I've spotted a connection bug in Ireland :(

The reason for the odd scale is that it originally started out as just being the counties of England, and the rest of Britain was only added later. When England filled the entire screen, the scale was about right, but now...yeah, it's a little off.
New Map: British Isles: 4/30/2010 06:10:10

Level 3
I've "field tested" the map, and it works out pretty well. I found Scotland to be a tad unbalanced, but others may refute this claim. Ireland, on the other hand, seemed to be just the opposite. Thanks for the map though!
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