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New funcionality - PLEASE: 3/8/2012 11:06:43

Level 58
I'm suggesting to add new functionality. When you were replaced by AI you should have possibility to take control back from computer again.In that way I will not be booted when i have to go to toilet or I have a phone call. It could be usefull for everybody.
Today i lost my game even I was really powerfull because i have to go for 7 min. (autoboot 5 min). It is not fair in party games. I should be replaced for 1 round and then regain control from AI.
New funcionality - PLEASE: 3/8/2012 11:43:02

Level 35
Don't play games with such a low boot time than ;)
New funcionality - PLEASE: 3/8/2012 13:20:37

Level 28
The ability to 'Skip' someones turn might work
New funcionality - PLEASE: 3/8/2012 13:48:19

Level 49
Then there would be no point in getting your turns in time, since in the end you can always take over again. How would you like it if 2 of your teammates left because they went somewhere and didn't care about their AI's screwing up your battle plan?
New funcionality - PLEASE: 3/8/2012 15:28:35

The Duke of Ben 
Level 55
I don't get your point here Moros. There would still be a point in getting your turns in time, because the AI isn't going to follow your battle plan, will screw up your position, and will attack people you have truces with (FFA). It's a really bad thing to have the AI take over, so people would still want to avoid it.

Since they would still choose to avoid it, very few people would intentionally turn AI. If they did intentionally turn AI, it hurts their chances of winning to do so, which seems fine to me. Other than Fizzer's time and the potential problems with the code, I am not seeing a downside to being able to take control of your AI again.
New funcionality - PLEASE: 3/8/2012 15:37:01

Level 12
[Here]( is the UserVoice suggestion for what you are talking about.
New funcionality - PLEASE: 3/8/2012 16:22:48

Level 56
yeah, this has been brought up many many times.
New funcionality - PLEASE: 3/8/2012 22:21:35

Level 44
Duke of Ben. I can see possible FFA implications of this..

two people have a truce with each other.. one wants to attack the other, but doesn't want to break the truce, he can set up his armies in a way that would encourage an AI to attack in that way in a couple of turns, and then go awol.. after the AI has done some damage to that enemy, and hopefully before having lost too much, you can return and apologize, saying something like you lost net connection...

the main reason that I know of that this hasn't been implemented is Fizzer's rule of it never being a strategic positive to let yourself get booted.
New funcionality - PLEASE: 3/8/2012 22:32:36

Level 55
then dont have it for ffas. its only team games where people care about boots, because the remaining teammates are so greatly disadvantaged through no fault of their own.

there are so many suggestions for this, and they would all be huge improvements on the current situation. but people come up with the most unlikely, minor possibilities where it could be used to gain someone a slight advantage.
New funcionality - PLEASE: 3/9/2012 00:03:19

[WM] Dazed & Insane 
Level 50
Turning yourself into an AI for a couple of turns will likely cause you to lose anyway unless you have a very nice lead. It'd be better if their were a pause game function.
New funcionality - PLEASE: 3/9/2012 10:14:00

Level 58
1. It could be an option as many of other options. If host wish to have this setting he should have a possibility to switch it on. There is no obligation to use this.
2. Many of players during game play have other duties. I have never predict the nearest future
3. Changing to I for 1 turn never gives you any advantage
New funcionality - PLEASE: 3/9/2012 13:05:22

Level 44
Budyy, re-read my previous post.. i described how it would give an advantage ;)

x, I am not saying it should not be implemented, just explaining why I think Fizzer has not yet implemented it.. he has previous voiced that he is cautious to provide opportunities for booting and surrendering to become an advantageous move for the bootee/surrenderer.. that is why the AI has a relatively low difficulty level, that's why -*imho*- many of the solutions for this haven't been implemented yet..

I have also voiced options similar to this that I think should be implemented, although they would have similar downfalls...
in discussion of a particular item, positive as well as negative aspects should be discussed, and considered how they could be better theoretically improved and/or counteracted.. if *I* didn't voice what I voice, then Fizzer could deem what I have already said, and the standing public would look at this like it had no negatives and get upset, instead of seeing there are negatives that need to be accounted for, and perhaps the collective thoughtbase of those intending to push the idea forward should figure out possible alternatives...

If you don't acknowledge possible problems, you cannot determine possible solutions.
the last say to any idea will be up to Fizzer and not us.. the more idea's he can see, and the more likely he can find a way to implement the idea's he will find acceptable, either an idea presented, or a hash of multiple idea's presented that suit the needs he wishes to accomplish.

Another possible problem with this, is peoples reactions.. as most players will always play differently against an AI then against a player.. most players use considerably better tactics then AI's, and it would force you to post actions towards those AI's that would be feasible to counter the AI's orders, and possibly the players orders, depending on how long of a delay the player would have after returning before he could actually take his turn.. -*could easily be solved, however, by making the current turn remain AI when you return, and then the next turn would revert back to player*-
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