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Making Map Territories: 3/13/2012 21:26:51

awesomely bitchtastic beta 2.o
Level 58
Alright so i have Inklight and ill Draw my map with the cirlcles and sqares but when i upload it and try to make a shape a territory nothin i click changes i cannot set center points and when i click select all terrirtories nothing pops up so what im asking is how do i make a territory
Making Map Territories: 3/13/2012 21:50:23

Level 49
A: Te correct term is Inkscape, not Inklight
B: There are more ways of making territories, you shouldn't use squares or circles for anything other than bonus links, depending on what kind of map you're making.
C: Did you set the ID's of all of your territories correctly?
Making Map Territories: 3/13/2012 21:56:10

dodo comander 
Level 57
To make a territory be recognized by warlight editor you need to tag your Territory in Inskcape.

-first open your Inskcape SVG of your map.

-next right click the territory and select object_properties.

-then change id to: Territory_X
X is any given value such as 1 or 2 or 3 ect.Change all territories so they all have an id like that, with different X values..( important to capitalize the "T" in Territory_X)

Re-save and uploaded it to warlight it should work.. Oh and don't make a crappy map public.

Making Map Territories: 3/15/2012 09:41:32

awesomely bitchtastic beta 2.o
Level 58
Ok so i set the ID's as Territory 1 and Territory 2 But still to no affect ill draw 2 circles give them their Id's and then upload and nomatter what i do warlight wont recognize them as a territory i dont understand
Making Map Territories: 3/15/2012 15:29:45

Frankdeslimste • apex 
Level 58
Don't forget the underscore (this one --> _ ), it should look like this: Territory_1

Just copy paste it and you'll see it will work.
Posts 1 - 5 of 5   

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