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Bonuses in United States Big: 3/21/2012 04:16:33

Level 2
I am playing a game right now and it appears the map is built correct but the game is not giving out bonuses as it should.

[current game](

I have Deleware, Maryland, District of Columbia, Southeastern North Carolina, and Southern Georgia, but it appears to not be giving me all of the bonueses. I am not sure which is not working or why.

Any idea what is causing the issue?
Bonuses in United States Big: 3/21/2012 04:31:14

Level 2
**!!!DISREGARD!!!** - had a SANCTION CARD played on me. I have not played with that card and missed it at the end of the orders.
Bonuses in United States Big: 3/21/2012 04:57:07

Level 35
Fizzer, I think you should give a warning to people when they are sanctioned, like a message or something, this way, new players will not be confused. Just a suggestion
Bonuses in United States Big: 3/21/2012 05:02:35

Level 44
perhaps there should be an S posted next to people that you know are sanctioned, similar to the D for diplomacy.. I know I often miss it when I skip to end in many games..
Bonuses in United States Big: 3/21/2012 05:24:01

Level 31
Good idea about the sanctions notification! I have sometimes been confused, until I checked the settings and saw sanction cards were on.

On an interesting note, I recently joined a RT game on the Asia map. Not the East Asia, unfortunately, but I digress. At one point in the game, I noticed I had a couple more armies than I believed I should have had. Maybe someone can take a look and see what you think? Might also wanna check how my team managed to win, I thought we were doing terrible when the other team surrendered.
Posts 1 - 5 of 5   

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