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win by boot in 50% win rate game: 3/22/2012 23:30:59

Level 59
I was really surprised. I havent seen before something like this in game with this kind of filter.
And not only he boot me for 3-5 sec late.....he also tried to convince us that he didnt . See chat. What to say?

We had victory in hand. I was late trying to coordinate with teammate moves in Austria.

So.... new add on my blacklist.
win by boot in 50% win rate game: 3/23/2012 03:08:07

BishesUpInErr (AHoL)
Level 4
On turn 20, the second strongest player on your team was booted by the autoboot. At that point, you were playing 2+AI v 3 and had a significantly lower income. You weren't going to win that game regardless of the 5 minute boots that followed. Lying about it was stupid by Sturn, but at that point, I hardly blame him for booting.
win by boot in 50% win rate game: 3/23/2012 04:12:01

Level 44
Bishes, the boot that was argued over was on turn 16, the autoboot was 4 turns later...
win by boot in 50% win rate game: 3/23/2012 04:14:58

BishesUpInErr (AHoL)
Level 4
Oh, my mistake, you're right, ignore my previous post.
Posts 1 - 4 of 4   

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