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Season III Predictions: 4/13/2012 13:13:27

NoobSchool (AHoL) • apex 
Level 58
Who do you predict will end as top dog in season III? Any upsets you think will happen?
Season III Predictions: 4/13/2012 16:19:21

Level 57
I predict HHH will win the season since he got the 1st win of the season...against me lol
Season III Predictions: 4/13/2012 16:38:11

The Duke of Ben 
Level 55
I've noticed that HHH plays an extremely tight game, rarely ever making mistakes. But, HHH also isn't very flexible on game plan and style, so he loses to people who do things differently, especially odd or unexpected things. That's part of what made zaeban so great, he was willing and able to try different tactics, picks, and strategies.

HHH was ranked in the 20s for most of Season II, because it was different than he was used to, and other people figured out strategies before he did. I predict that we see something similar for this season. Several of the very good players will figure out the board faster or more thoroughly, and take first.

Assuming he plays, Mek Blaze seems to be a strong contender, since he picks up on new rules and situations very quickly.
Season III Predictions: 4/13/2012 17:52:02

Ace Windu 
Level 56
I think it's nigh-on impossible to predict who'll win. Skill is important but you have to get lucky too.

Ben, you seem to pay a lot of attention to what's going on with the ladders and how players are doing so why do you only have 350+ games? You joined a year ago lol
Season III Predictions: 4/13/2012 18:06:15

The Duke of Ben 
Level 55
I work full time and spend my off time with my wife and kids. It makes it too hard to play real time games, so I can't get as many games in as people who play a couple real time games a day, or whatever.

I tried playing a lot of MD games at a time, but inevitably all the games would have a turn at the same time, and my performance would suffer.
Season III Predictions: 4/20/2012 04:19:22

Level 59
Niko has definitely looked like the favorite so far. 6-0 with wins against Heyheuhei, and Bytjie is a great start. The question is, can he keep it up?
Season III Predictions: 4/20/2012 09:14:15

Level 57
:) I will do my best ! This is a really good pub for me in the manager league :D
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