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Map whooping: 3/15/2014 08:30:35

Belgian Gentleman
Level 55
Map whooping: 3/15/2014 10:30:58

Level 49
Map whooping: 3/15/2014 11:29:30

Belgian Gentleman
Level 55
Map whooping: 3/15/2014 14:36:01

Level 61
Map whooping: 3/15/2014 16:00:36

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
Map whooping: 3/16/2014 09:52:18

Level 48
Map whooping: 3/16/2014 22:23:02

Level 49
Map whooping: 3/16/2014 23:41:27

Level 54
This is also fun to do with random games, just type in random 7 digit numbers after this link:*******

For example, this one that claims to be the first game ever played:

Although there are some other games before this one, but the map is old and no longer playable, so it must have been the beta version or something:

You can even read the archived public chat, although many of the early 1000000's dont have any chat.

Edited 3/17/2014 00:07:38
Map whooping: 3/17/2014 00:13:23

Level 54
Map whooping: 3/17/2014 00:18:39

Level 54
And apparently Bracketology was the first map, I expected small earth would have been the first though.
Map whooping: 3/17/2014 04:19:54

Level 56
So I've been having some fun looking at past games for a while, and found some notable games in the past. I do have reason to believe though that these games are not in order of creation date, as evidenced by these two games:
First 2v2 ever!
2v2 #3
But it's still fun to go back and see what people were doing. Here's some fun games I've found with the reasons they're interesting:

Shogun's $5 Challenge: Anthony 01
A money match! No chat log here, and some interesting settings. Shogun managed to steal that $5 off of Anthony though, due to a better starting position.

Alliance Game
The first GameID with a chatlog, although there are earlier messages chronologically I thought I'd mention this anyways. Not too special otherwise.

The first GameID with a first turn boot! Also it's on Bracketology. Nothing too interesting other than that though.

Newbie game
A huge chatlog and the first extra-long game on Warlight, at 415 turns.
Lightningbolt - "Nobody but crazy people want to play that long!"

A sequel to the previous game, it's worth mentioning that all the players in these days seem to know each other personally.

Dude - Don't Collude
A large FFA with a small chatlog. Troll once again proves his dominance in the early days of Warlight. Nothing overly special here, but the title shows how alliances in FFAs are frowned upon even early on.

Don't Speak
A 2v2v2v2 match, which could contain the first spoken message ever on Warlight.
Sept. 17, 2008; Fizzer - "Even though chat is now available, this is still a 'Don't speak' game. Using the 'team chat' is forbidden in this game!"
I'm unsure if this means normal chat and team chat were released at the same time, or if this was merely the first instance of a team chat. Still, there's plenty of public chat logs after that if you're interested. Fizzer also talks of why booting a teammate can't result in the other player taking control of their territories.

This game has a chat message that's a close second to the earliest chat log mentioned previously.
Shogun - "Gaia has LOTS of armies still!"
But my favourite quote of the game?
Lightningbolt - "Heaven's to betsy people! It's just a game!"

a sentient suit of armor
A mysterious title... And a victory by Fizzer over the very strong player Troll. Fizzer points out the turn of the winning move in the chat, but other than that nothing overly special. (Edited, sorry Fizzer!)

We need to talk
Right up there with the earliest chat logs on Warlight, this was the first behind the scenes game created to give two players a chance to talk in the midst of a FFA. Sneaky... Think it still happens?

One of the largest games ever played on Warlight, at 1002 turns, although it no longer holds the record. It contains a chat log that takes place over the course of 1 year and about 3 months. I haven't looked over the whole thing, but it's got some good moments in it. Here's one golden moment of jokes near the end:
Troll - "How do you turn soup into gold? ... Add 24 carrots!"
Gaia - "har har...I know, I asked for it."
Gaia - "How does the man in the moon get his hair cut?"
Fizzer - "NASA satellite bombing?"
Gaia - "Eclipse it!"
Fizzer - "Jolly good show!"

Edited 3/19/2014 11:18:16
Map whooping: 3/18/2014 20:59:13

Ⓖ. Ⓐrun 
Level 57
Map whooping: 3/19/2014 04:21:17

Level 57

WarLight Creator
And a victory by Troll over Fizzer

Excuse me? I won that game!

I do have reason to believe though that these games are not in order of creation date

They weren't sequential in the early days. But the "Created Date" listed in the settings is correct, so you can always tell which game really came first.
Map whooping: 3/19/2014 21:56:11

[NL] Willem van Oranje
Level 57
I have to say that warlight gets better and better if I view the first games.
Also the maps are getting better and better.
Map whooping: 3/22/2014 00:42:04

Dr. Stupid 
Level 57
This is a seriously fun thread.
Map whooping: 4/1/2014 00:59:38

Level 36
Oh! What a coincidence! The first one is actually the one we are creating in our Clan Roleplayers Realm. Dameon has been working on it and I've made some artwork yet not published in the map. And we are also seeking help in naming the unnamed territories so if someone wants to help a list of the unnamed regions would be appreciated.

Edited 4/1/2014 01:04:09
Map whooping: 4/1/2014 18:11:38

Level 55
Oh dear, you've found my map on your first try (or so i'll assume since you mentioned it first). I've got around 10 versions of the map, and you've yet to find the latest one ;). ETA until public release is still very far away since the territories you see are only about 3/5th of all territories planned for final version, but I'll be hosting games for testing the map in the coming weeks!
Map whooping: 4/9/2014 22:13:04

Level 55
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