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2v2 ladder partner: 3/19/2014 17:33:12

Math Wolf 
Level 62
Since these days even the most famous players create this kind of topics (I'm looking at you, Arun), let me try as well.

Title conveys the core message. Details written in the style of a classical ad for a romantic date.

I'd prefer someone who
* knows me somewhat (played 3+ games with or against me in which there was at least some talking involved)
* thinks his level is somewhat similar to mine or slightly better (reference: top 5 ladder with a good run without stalling, always top 50 without problems or boots, decent on many maps with quite some experience on medium earth.) I'm OK if you are a much better player than me, but in that case you may want to find someone better to partner with.
* likes to discuss the moves regularly, doesn't mind feedback and is not afraid to give feedback on my moves as well.
* is fine with playing slow (a turn in less than 2 days is unlikely, less than 1 day is considered an official miracle by our still somewhat new pope). I'm quite often online to discuss moves though.
* can more or less guarantee that we can play together for at least a few months (allowing the occasional vacation)

What I can offer:
Depending on your criteria, I'm an above average up to good player, with occassional streaks of genius but occassional lapses as well. I can talk, teach and learn, but due to my busy life, my level of play may fluctuate. In all these years, I kindly refused to consistently play as good as I could because I find the effort to gain that little extra edge over quality opponents often not worth the trouble. Realise that with me as a partner a high rank may be possible (top 5? top 3?) but first place may be unachievable. I prefer a consistent subtop / above average rank over delaying to get a short-lived very high rank.
I love to adapt to my opponent's style, but I mostly do not take/have the time to look up their previous games and end up playing my own style.
I'm generally a nice and friendly person, although I might engage in some trashtalk and I'm not very pleasant when annoyed.
I'm from Europe, timezone GMT+1, but I may be online at a wide range of varying hours, although rarely early in the morning. I fluently understand English, Dutch, French and German, but I write mostly in English (occassional spelling and grammatical errors may apply, no refund is offered. Feel free to point out any mistakes in this message).
I've played the 2v2 ladder with Alcarmacil almost 2 years ago now for about a year, but I fear he won't return. My recent run with Blue Precision got cut short because we were both too busy at the time. So I have some experience, but I may be a little rusty. Playing in 2 up to 5 games is OK for me.

Want to become my partner?
Come to my house with a bouquet of roses on a romantic evening. ;-)
Just talk to me in an ongoing game, start a new game or send me a WL email.

TL;DR? Nevermind in that case. ;-)
2v2 ladder partner: 3/19/2014 18:36:03

Ⓖ. Ⓐrun 
Level 57
I'm honoured Math Wolf :D

Good luck in your search but I believe my post was just as effective - I have found a friendly active talkative partner so I'm very content :)
2v2 ladder partner: 3/19/2014 21:12:03

Math Wolf 
Level 62
2v2 ladder partner: 3/19/2014 22:02:00

Ⓖ. Ⓐrun 
Level 57
Look forward to playing you and engaging in trash talk maybe :)
2v2 ladder partner: 3/20/2014 09:43:04

Level 57
:D I'm tempted :S
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