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MusicManiac's Diplo Games 2: 3/20/2014 18:35:59

Level 54
Hi all! I've created this topic 'cuz it's not really much space in the "Message from host" and also, this is much more comfortable. So all rules will be here. Rules will be updated as fast as I'll create something new or there will be some changes. For now i make only two diplo games - "Diplo Deep Alliances" (v.1.x.y, last one is v.1.2.2)[link - ] and "Dawn of the New World" (v.2.x.y., last one is v.2.0.0)

Dawn of the New World (v.2.0.0) [updated 20.03.2014]

1a)Must be made in public chat.
1b)No WD during first 2 turns.
1c)You MUST make WD 1 turn before attacking. (on 3rd turn you make WD, on 4 you plan attack that will happen in turn 5).
1d1)Player can only be in 2 wars in the same time. Anyone who'll declare war to player who is already fighting 2 players - will become PE. Does not works in reverse.
1d2)Rule "1d1)" can be ignored, if all players togather recieve less than 60% of strongest player income. (Example: player A recieves 1000 armise per turn(apt), while other players TOGATHER recieve 700 apt - rule cant be ignored, but if they TOGATHER will recieve 600 apt or less - they can all declare war to player A.) But they can only fight togather against player A, between them there still can be only war on two fronts - not more.

2)Allces, Assistance(Ance) and NAPs.
2a)Allces NOT allowed.
2b1)Players can assist each other. It does not mean Allce - Ance is used primary only if player, who assists will recieve some profit too. In other way Ance is pretty useless.
2b2)Ance MUST be declared in public chat.
2c)Any agressive actions against one of two players who are currently at war will be priced as Ance to the second player - and it does not matter, you were going to help or just take some easy territories.
2d)NAPs CAN be hidden. (If NAP is hidden - rule "3f1)" can be ignored without punishment - use rule "1c)")
2e)But if you want to be sure that no one will break it suddenly - you can declarate NAPs in public chat. Declaration should be from both players.
2f)You CAN'T make WD to player whith whom you're in NAP. First you need to declarate that you're from now in neutral status. ( 2nd turn - from packt you say that you're neutral now, 3rd turn - WD, next - look "1c)" )
2g)If you earlier declarated in public about NAP - you MUST write in public about new status.

3a)Follow rules or you'll become PE - anyone near you can attack you without any declarations. NAPs will be canceled for you. Ance is not allowed for PE too.
3b)If someone near you is PE you MUST attack him, or you'll become PE.
3c1) If you already in 2 wars and near your borders appears PE - war with player with whom you're at war longer is stoped and NAP is auto-created. (Example: player A at war with B from turn 3 and with C from turn 5. If near appears PE - war with A is stopped.) And if player A will attack - he'll become PE too. PE are declared at the beggining of the turn, so player A can't miss that he's not in war anymore.
3c2)If appears one more PE - war with player B is stopped too (NAP created too).

Dawn of the New World (v.2.0.1)(in development - no games) [updated 26.03.2014]
{change}1b)No WD during first turn.
{change}1d2)Rule "1d1)" can be partly ignored, if players togather recieve less than 60% of strongest player income. (Example: player A recieves 1000 armise per turn(apt), while other players TOGATHER recieve 700 apt - rule cant be ignored, but if they TOGATHER will recieve 600 apt or less - player A can recieve WD from 5 players, not only from 2. So, if player A is already in 2 wars, but rule "1d1)" comes in power - other player can declare war to A).
{new}1d3)If player deciedes to join war against player A (from rule "1d2)") - he raises his max recieved WD to 3 - one is automatically with player A, since player declared war to him by himself and also he can recieve 2 more WD from others players, according to rule "1d1)"
{new}1e)If one player attacks other without WD but takes no territories - he is not PE. But ofcourse you should say in chat that he attacked and, if you want, declare war on him.
{change}3b)If someone near you is PE you MUST take at least one territory from him in 3 turns, or you'll become PE.

About banned players [updated 27.03.2014]

b1)Following players can't join my games since they're in my blacklist:
Andyjc21; begin_2000; Gustavo16; Ikines; Kovren; LordGrace; pacman2500; Shadowspawn; Shipdrag.
b2)I do NOT add people to blacklist if i just don't like them - these players has got serious rules violations.
b3)Also, I noticed following players becoming a PE in my previous games - {player name}(how mush times he was PE in my games):
Bane(1); Liza(1); Sekut(1); trevon(1); Vindicativa(1);
b4) As fast as number in brackets reaches "3" - player joins my blacklist, so be carefull.

Edited 3/27/2014 12:46:20
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