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Add a map in the offline app: 5/1/2012 15:29:49

Level 2
Hi !

I'm new in warlight and I really love it.
I discovered it first by using the chrome app as a single player.
Then I've joined few games in multiplayer mode on the website.

There's plenty of maps on the website but really not a lot of choice in the app.
So ok, there's the possibility to play these maps on the website as a single player too but I often play offline in the train with the chrome app.

Is there a way to import a map from the website to the chrome app so i can play it offline during my journey in the train ?

I've enable the download of maps to the hard drive hoping I could find a file in some way somewhere and then find a way to open it with the chrome app... but no luck.

Is there any solution to this ?
Add a map in the offline app: 5/1/2012 16:49:52

Level 50
maybe you should switch the map settings from featured to all or a genre of maps.
Add a map in the offline app: 5/1/2012 16:55:11

Level 2
There is no option like that in the chrome app. Sadly.
Add a map in the offline app: 5/1/2012 17:01:39

Level 58
I have the Chorme app too, and afaik ther is no way you could play other then the 9 maps allowed.

@Iron He is thinking of an app to Chorme, wich means he only get the same as in this from kongregate;)
Add a map in the offline app: 5/1/2012 17:04:33

Level 57

WarLight Creator
The best you can do is pre-load the game while you have an internet connection. That is, go to the Single Player tab, start a game on whatever map you like, and leave the browser open so when you get on the train it's already started. It doesn't need to contact the internet once the game has begun.
Add a map in the offline app: 5/1/2012 18:48:20

Level 2
Thank you guys
I'll try to do that then.
Add a map in the offline app: 5/1/2012 19:05:17

Level 44
afaik the kong version only has 9 maps as well.. maybe used the same basic build..?
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