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I cant seem to make a map with a great idea.: 5/5/2012 21:41:34

Level 3
I want to make a map for warlight games. I want to make it with North and South America and Europe and Africa but with something better. If you search in your game maps, you may have the real europe map with germany having 17 units, britain with 13, france with 13. it has west europe with more untits because of population and wealth. but it has tons of small bonuses through the map with 2-8 territores each. they represent 10 million people. plus lots of other bonueses for other things like countries, regions, religions, resources, strategic points. i think the idea of the map is good but its kind of an unfair advantage for people who start in west europe. I want to do one with all of the western world in 1700 ad. there will be european monarchys with a few extra units. then there will be their territores in the other continents. then there will be the native peoples that will get you extra units. then there will be strategic points. but also smaller territory bonus representing a certain amount of population, religion, resources. I want it to be a map with a little bit more territores than that real europe map. I cant make this. I had problem figuring out Inkscape. Can you make it can get all the glory?
I cant seem to make a map with a great idea.: 5/5/2012 22:08:34

Level 49
1. This should be in the Map Development subforum.
2. The things you call units are generally called armies, I and others would prefer if you would call them armies too to avoid confusion.
3. Have you read the [wiki page on map-making]( A lot of your questions can be answered there.
4. If not, you could better ask specifically what info you need, a lot of other map-builders like me would be happy to give you that information.
5. I think you mean [Issander]('s [Real-life Europe]( with "real europe".
6. Do I understand it correctly that you want to include America, Europe and Africa in your map, but not Asia, Antarctica or Oceania?
7. Good idea! But, since it's your first Inkscape and map-making experience, you should try something smaller first. I mean, look at my [first map](, it sucks!
I cant seem to make a map with a great idea.: 5/6/2012 11:35:13

Ⓖ. Ⓐrun 
Level 57
Oh god, i hate real life europe.
I cant seem to make a map with a great idea.: 5/8/2012 00:40:18

Level 3
yea, moros. you get me. thats what i wanna do. but i dont have much time to play online, so i dont really wanna take time to make a good map or practice. i just wish there was already one like this made.
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