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Multi-Attact on big maps: 5/19/2012 22:53:11

Level 57
I am playing a game 2 v 2 on US big map with 3109 teritories. We have had 22 moves without any contact! I always think 'multi' is better with very big maps anyway but some may say not. What about 'muti attact' until 1st contact to save a lot of time then revert to single move. Is this possible. ?
Multi-Attact on big maps: 5/20/2012 00:41:25

Level 45
|> Is this possible. ?

Only if you agree on this with all participants and everyone trusts each other to adhere to this limitation. It is not possible to set this is the game itself (and have the server enforce it).
Multi-Attact on big maps: 5/20/2012 09:43:44

Level 49
I don't like multi-attack on big maps. That is because, as soon as your income is large enough, you just make one stack of armies that attacks a line of territories throughout the map. Then, with at least a few of your opponent's bonuses broken, he is doomed, because he may easily return them, but in that turn it takes him he has way lower income, allowing the first player to lay another trail and break even more.
In these games it's always about who has 30+ income first.
Multi-Attact on big maps: 5/20/2012 13:59:15

Level 44
not true moros... it is possible to have 31 income vs someone with 29 income, and him spread into you, and you spread into neutral and then you lose... highly unlikely, but possible..
I prefer my MA maps to be clustered, so that there is fighting early on
Multi-Attact on big maps: 5/20/2012 14:33:54

Level 49
Arg... I meant that about 30 armies is enough to conquer a long line of territories throughout most maps. It is not a rule, it's an indication.
Multi-Attact on big maps: 5/20/2012 14:42:59

Level 55

1v1 tournament on big map with multi-attack. the zookeeper's favorite template.
Posts 1 - 6 of 6   

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