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Disappointment: 5/22/2012 15:26:00

Level 3
I enjoy to spend time playing warlight and so far had seen all kinds of players but your own teammate (WarER) tell you ASSHOLE 2 times and also put me on the blacklist just because I was booted for the simple rule was in the game is sad. There was one rule, one hard rule, saying that after 2 minutes the opposing team would throw if you didnt commiting orders. I was told by WarER chat when I read the rules before entering the game.

I understand that I has been booted by the harsh rule and I will not discuss it because I was sent off 2 seconds after 2 minutes, the time when I was giving the orders, but your own partner tells you all for being booted .....

Sometimes I think too many people like WarER take this game too seriously and is a real shame.

Is there a way to punish him?

Has anyone had similar experiences?
Disappointment: 5/22/2012 15:41:58

Level 49
Well, if your boot rate was around 20%, it would be a good reason to blacklist you. But, since it's much lower than that, it is likely just some fail in internet connection, what would be no real reason to blacklist someone, especially if that person has been a good teammate in the rest of the game.
The only way to punish him would be to blacklist him, so he can't join any of the games you create.
And, on threads like these, people often give the links to the game where it happened, so the community can decide if they want to blacklist him to.
Disappointment: 5/22/2012 16:09:56

Level 50
a similar one has happened to me got blacklisted for surrendering
Disappointment: 5/22/2012 17:02:57

Level 49
Oh, sorry, I didn't see you actually did post a link ;)
Disappointment: 5/22/2012 19:03:35

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
Simple solution... blacklist Warer and don't play 2 minute boot games.
Disappointment: 5/22/2012 19:44:58

Level 25
If you don't want to get booted at the 2 minute boot mark, don't play 2 minute boot games. Simple. And why would he be punished? You got booted and he was obviously very upset with you, so he blacklisted you, there's nothing wrong with that.
Disappointment: 5/22/2012 20:13:47

Level 9
Fact: 95% of warlight drama occurs as a result of real-time games.

See above for supporting evidence.
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