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Was I stupid or Cheap win ?: 5/23/2012 04:57:20

Level 3
I know I was stupid for deciding to play this game.

What do you think about this game ?
Is a 1 minute autoboot fair ?

Was I stupid or Cheap win ?: 5/23/2012 06:22:18

The Yellow Team
Level 4
In my view, you joined the game which means you accepted the rules, so it was fair.

Maybe you were stupid to join the game but you'd be even more stupid to join another with 1 minute boot now, wouldn't you?

Learn from your mistakes and move on mate. :)
Was I stupid or Cheap win ?: 5/23/2012 13:02:24

The Duke of Ben 
Level 55
1 minute boot rate (especially an auto boot??!) seems pointless to have as an available setting. There's no way that won't result in a boot over the course of a normal game.
Was I stupid or Cheap win ?: 5/23/2012 13:37:27

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
Duke, it wasn't auto. It was 1-minute direct boot with no autoboot. Full distribution too so it was clearly designed solely to get a boot and easy win. Still Everett's fault for joining though.
Was I stupid or Cheap win ?: 5/23/2012 13:51:36

The Duke of Ben 
Level 55
I should have looked at the game instead of just going by the first post. That is such an obvious "I am going to boot you if you try to play this right" scenario that I can't believe it was anything else. 5% offensive kill rate on full distribution, clearly an attempt to make playing the board correctly impossible. All he has to do is deploy troops and submit turn, and wait for the other guy to try and win normally. It would take 30 minutes to plan out a good move on turn one, let alone a coherent strategy.

Yes Everett, you were dumb to join that game. He was far worse for making it.
Was I stupid or Cheap win ?: 5/23/2012 13:58:09

Level 62
Yes....same guy that i lost to.
Went over the time of one muinute and the second i did that Franklin booted me.
I advise balcklisting this player to enusre that he does not become a nuisance in later games (he is a beginner after all).
Posts 1 - 6 of 6   

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