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Nations Cup: 6/13/2012 23:23:44

dunga • apex 
Level 55
Hi guys, as mentioned in other post we will have a nations cup tournament. Will be 32 (preferrably) regions of the world.

Each match up will have best of 9 games
Each team must have at least 7 players, for the 7v7 games.

Each team will have 2 players playing strategic 1v1 and strategic 2v2 (a total of 6 games at 1 point worth each victory)
Each team will have 3 players playing Europe 3v3 games (2 games at 2 point worth each victory).
Each team will have 2 or 4 more players to play the 7v7 games, and more players to sit as reserves are allowed.

Here is the list of possible regions.

1 Africa
2 Asian South East
3 Australia
4 Balcans
5 Canada
6 Central America
7 China (2 teams?)
8 East U.S.
9 Finland/Denmark
10 France
11 GB (2 teams?)
12 Germany (2 teams?)
13 Greece-Turkey
14 Holland
15 Hungary-Romany-Bulgary-Slovakia-Austria
16 India
17 Indonesia
18 Italy
19 Japan-Korea
20 Middle East
21 Norway
22 Poland (2 teams?)
23 Russia
24 South America
25 Spain-Portugal
26 Sweden
27 U.S. West
28 Ukraine-Belarus-Estonia-Lithuania-Lettonia

Plz, let me know if there is any region left behind, or a change you would like the see made.

We would also need a massive help from players, because each of you would have to map a great number of players of a country, so we can make it with the lots and lots of players that is necessary.

player i know the regions:
dunga and Ema(24), bostonphoenix and sheriff (8/27?), szeweningen and widzisz (22), myhandisonfire saladadin(?) and fatih(?)(13), Heyheuhei (28), huruey and unknownsoldier (11), luxis (26), Niko (10), Evreux (where is Taiwan at that list?).

IF we find it difficult to find enough players, we could make the bigger game a 5v5.

Plz keep posting your suggestions
Nations Cup: 6/13/2012 23:48:52

BumbleBee :) 
Level 5
I'm in Hong Kong. Should I be regarded as China team or Asian South East team? I didn't see many Chinese players with teamwork on warlight before. I prefer to play with Singapore guys or Taiwan guys. :)
Nations Cup: 6/13/2012 23:59:07

dunga • apex 
Level 55
if we just wait i think the teams will start to form up naturally. But i think you can play with Taiwan/Singapure no problem
Nations Cup: 6/14/2012 00:03:51

Level 60
Report check here for polish players

Yeah, we could have 2 teams I think, though not sure everyone would be interested.

Possible Poland 1st team:
- [WM] szeweningen
- zibik
- slejer
- Kajman
- Widzisz
- retrospekcja jeża
- AI(was: jd77)
Nations Cup: 6/14/2012 00:06:35

Level 60
Heyheuhei can lead Lithuania, Italy could be Red + Elite! players, Greece+Turkey area starts to look sexy now that you mentioned it.
Nations Cup: 6/14/2012 00:20:24

Dr. TypeSomething 
Level 3
I think this is a great idea! I would love to represent the West USA team. However, I am most likely going to be gone for two weeks in July, so if vacations aren't a part of it I most likely cannot do it.

If you are are trying to create more regions, you might want to consider further subdividing the USA. I am not trying to be US-centric, but its just a fact that there are a lot more players on here from the US than from other countries. Some suggestions would be to include the US South and the US Midwest. I'd say most people here put themselves into one of those four categories (East, West, Midwest, and South), though people will definitely scream about where the dividing lines are (and yes I know it makes no sense that there isn't a north but its just how it is).

Also, it seems like a lot of players are from Poland, but I have no useful input on how to divide it up.
Nations Cup: 6/14/2012 00:21:28

dunga • apex 
Level 55
Yes, i need you all to keep doing that, pointing players regions and such.

One more thing, i need that each team has a CAPTAIN, and also i need some Members to help me through the hole process, specially when we will need to create the games. (will be 144 games at 1st round).

Also i want to mention that i plan that the 9 games will be created at the same time so we dont take a hole year playing this cup.
Nations Cup: 6/14/2012 00:26:05

dunga • apex 
Level 55
Dr Typo, you can sit out for one round if necessary and come back in the next one.

I still want to talk about how i will formulate the games. I dont want to make 1 Loss you are out but i dont want a double elimination tournament.

One possibility would be 8 groups of 4 teams, in which the 1st and 2nd will advance to a single elimination. And since the 9 games will start together, all of them will finish, so the team score will be at 19.5 points avarage, and not 1.5 in number of victories.
Also i will want to make seeds, at least 8.
Nations Cup: 6/14/2012 00:28:58

Level 60
Can same players play in different categories? Play in 1vs1 and 2vs2 and 3vs3?
Nations Cup: 6/14/2012 00:34:00

dunga • apex 
Level 55
1v1 and 2v2 ARE the same.
And yes you can play 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and 7v7.
Nations Cup: 6/14/2012 00:34:32

Level 6
I'm gone for the month of July, would that be an issue? If not, I can join the Canada team.
Nations Cup: 6/14/2012 00:58:21

Level 57
great idea, but i dont know anybody from my region, if anybody knows players from south America and are active would be great, if not if not, can i join somewhere else?
Nations Cup: 6/14/2012 01:02:51

dunga • apex 
Level 55
I first am looking to see if a full Brazil come up, but a south america there is for sure, i know a venezuelan that i think will play. And i am talking to 5 brazilians.
Nations Cup: 6/14/2012 01:22:52

Level 51
I would love to represent west US. Also what would the settings be?
Nations Cup: 6/14/2012 01:31:14

Level 59
How do you determine whats west and whats east in the usa? Are we going by the Mississippi River? If we are I'd like to be able to represent West US if they'd take me.
Nations Cup: 6/14/2012 01:44:23

Dr. TypeSomething 
Level 3
What about doing it World Cup style? Break it up into randomly made small divisions, and then have the top two teams (or maybe just one team) advance to single elimination? Would fit the theme.
Nations Cup: 6/14/2012 01:48:06

Dr. TypeSomething 
Level 3
Oh, you already suggested that idea. Well I second it!
Nations Cup: 6/14/2012 02:55:31

Level 62
I could do Greece
Nations Cup: 6/14/2012 03:01:17

Level 25
I'm in to represent East USA. Only other person I know is BostonPheonix.
Nations Cup: 6/14/2012 04:37:19

Level 3
Any chance for a New Zealand team to be added?
Nations Cup: 6/14/2012 04:38:19

Ruthless Bastard 
Level 62
Ill join Canada(5)
Nations Cup: 6/14/2012 05:06:40

Level 55
You missed all of East Asia that isn't Chinese - notably Japan and Korea - surely you could just change the Chinese team to East Asia - or Asia Pacific hence including Taiwan etc and allow people to represent countries via a residency rule?
Nations Cup: 6/14/2012 05:45:29

[kk] Antz
Level 7
I'm for Greece
Nations Cup: 6/14/2012 06:15:34

sasha grey
Level 50
combine Russia, Ukraine and Belarus in one team
Nations Cup: 6/14/2012 06:50:54

Level 19
<-- Norway
Nations Cup: 6/14/2012 07:05:35

À la recherche du temps perdu 
Level 35
dunga just a thing.. here is the players A B C D E F G in order to make them play the equal number of games i think that A and B should play 2 1vs1 = 4 1vs1. D and E should play the 2 2vs2 and EFG should play the 2 3vs3, so that each player will play 3 games including the 7vs7 one. plus i do think that choosing a captain is absolutely necessary cos i think that a lot of people want to join this tournement and there must be someone that has to take the responsability of excluding some people but not for a friendship problem or else, infact could happen that the captain himself wont play if he realizes that there are 7 players stronger than him. (wm red i think that is from romany)plus about the boot times eccetera i think that all the games should be publicized so the rules that each couple of teams will decide for their games should be posted plus regarding boot times eccetera this things should be posted here so we can take whatever boot time we want infact if a person plays incorrectly we will judge the point for each game. (ex if a player boot the opponent when the rules says that people cannot be booted or else we will count that game as a defeat and not as a victory, that way allows us a big flexibility but we also have to pretend that games does not to last so much)
Nations Cup: 6/14/2012 08:21:07

Ace Windu 
Level 56
I'd like to propose a GB and Ireland team. Boo nationalism!
Nations Cup: 6/14/2012 09:52:55

Level 54
I would consider it an honour to represent team GB or England!
Nations Cup: 6/14/2012 10:50:26

Level 57
28 :((((((
Nations Cup: 6/14/2012 11:36:16

Level 55
U.S. West (27)
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