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Commanders and Wallpaper (makes sense I promise): 4/20/2014 02:26:42

Ethereal Pastry
Level 53
Well, this is my first real time using the forum and you guys seem mostly nice so I figured I'd give it a go.

Okay, anyone read Ender's game? (movie doesn't count). Am I the only one that ever wishes this were like battle school and the wins mean something cool and we are the future commanders of Earth's armies because we have tactical skills?

Anyways, this lead me to the idea about being able to configure warlight to our personal preferences (wallpapers, fonts, etc). So if I wanted to label a lvl 1 a "launchy" I could (I hope everyone is still following me here).

I used to play a dumb text based game called ogame (do NOT play it, will ruin social life) where different people would create different "skins" for the game where you could select cool ones you liked. Very similar to firefox skins. Would this ever be a possibility for warlight or has Fizzer mentioned something like this?

Sorry for all the rambling to get to that just felt relevant.
Commanders and Wallpaper (makes sense I promise): 4/20/2014 02:30:00

The National Socialist
Level 54
2 things

-That idea sounds really cool, yet complicated to implement :l

-Your clan is so cool, and I love that everybody is a pastry
Commanders and Wallpaper (makes sense I promise): 4/20/2014 04:00:38

Level 55
I've thought about creating a scenario that would mimic Ender's battle with the buggers, but I think it would be either be too contrived (weighted) or too simplistic to have any real strategy. I'm up for attractive skins, but I think that at this stage there are more impactual elements that Fizzer could be working on.
Commanders and Wallpaper (makes sense I promise): 4/20/2014 06:53:10

Ethereal Pastry
Level 53
Well generally the skins are made by users but I would assume Fizzer would have to set up some way to allow that to happen, which I guess would take alot of time.

Also thank you Lawlz, everyone is very proud of their delicious monikers.
Commanders and Wallpaper (makes sense I promise): 4/20/2014 08:42:15

Level 56
For those who has write CSS stylesheets there's a great extension for Chrome (and Firefox?) called Stylish, it lets you overwrite the themes, images, colours and fonts of a website and share them on

For the more advanced user you can even do more complex things like add scrollbars where you think they're needed, make your own cursors, or add fancy but helpful animated features to websites.
Posts 1 - 5 of 5   

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