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Idiot for blacklist: 7/4/2012 09:06:22

{RSP} Nike
Level 4
i accidentally posted this under map development so i'l do it again

Name: El Comma

Reason: He picked the uk to start, when my other teammate had already picked it. I told him to pick another spot, but he replied "make me lol, make me move." I managed to persuade him to pick somewhere else, and so he picked deliberately picked spain, where i had chosen it already. He later said he dd it because he thought it was a joke.

I'm sure none of you want a teammate like that, so blacklist El Comma please.
Idiot for blacklist: 7/4/2012 09:38:09

Level 49
How do you know he was picking Spain on purpose? Maybe that guy didn't know how to read other's orders.
And his "Make me" line could as well be ironic, since especially in a situation like this when you're possibly harming teammates it's not the time to hesitate.
Either that or he's a troll.
Idiot for blacklist: 7/4/2012 09:53:29

{RSP} Nike
Level 4
he told me picking spain was a joke
Idiot for blacklist: 7/4/2012 09:59:04

Level 54
kids shouldnt play warlight, mommy is not here
Posts 1 - 4 of 4   

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