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Information about [coldrecruiter] .: 7/9/2012 17:12:02

Level 2
hello , i am [coldblood] clan's co-founder and recruiter joined with clan founder (Italian Stallion)
If you are interested to join this clan ,

simply set up a game with me .

after we discuss out some things ,

we gonna have 5 warlight game matches ,

3 matches will be held on medium earth strategic 1vs1 template

and 2 matches will held on europe map .

my work for this clan :
=>i will manage website of the clan [it will take 1 week to set up that].
=>i will decide and organize tryouts relating to who can join our clan [i want good players in clan].
=>i will train the clan members, if any of the clan member want to get trained.
=>i will manage who to kick out of the clan.


[coldblood] Clan's member list :

#Italian Stallion

there are others but those are not yet confirmed .

Before replying to this thread you should check out this one :
Information about [coldrecruiter] .: 7/9/2012 17:59:42

Level 26
no one good will ever join a clan co-lead by someone whos played 38 games
Information about [coldrecruiter] .: 7/9/2012 18:12:07

Level 2
if anyone dare to challenge me , i can show him what i got .
Information about [coldrecruiter] .: 7/10/2012 02:13:16

{RSP} Nike
Level 4
and i daresay a clan with a leader who has won NO 1v1 games will not manage a very popular clan too.
Information about [coldrecruiter] .: 7/12/2012 12:46:09

Level 2
i would like to announce that the way [coldblood] works got changed a little.

you can get the full information on
Posts 1 - 5 of 5   

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