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My First Map: Xenophagia: 5/5/2014 06:27:45

Level 30
This is my first map on this game, I want to know whether anything is wrong, or if it is good enough to make the cut. Thank you for your support. I would just like feedback for how the map runs or if it is aesthetically pleasing.

Link For Map:
My First Map: Xenophagia: 5/5/2014 07:04:49

Level 49
Southern Lava Point should connect to Norther Plateau

Boiling Islands to Starbleached Sub-Section

Missile Silo to Destroyed City

Solar Wing to Hindered Soul

Southern Shelf to The Bends

Inner Shelf to Intelligence of Interstellar Development HQ

The Mouth to Cut Throat Ravine

Cut Throat Ravine to Far Shelf

Voltaris Metro to Voltaris

Voltaris to West Divergent

1st Sub-Section to The Fragment, although this one's hard to see, I'm pretty sure they visually connect

Second Border Zone to Border Zone

Archedian to Zynos

In addition, there's an extra connection, between South Gordoy and Eggplant Asteroid

Another extra connection between Western Eggplant Asteroid and South Gordoy

Those were all the connection issues I saw, though you may want to double check to be sure I didn't miss any.

In addition, I saw one slight spelling mistake: Magnoleus Undescovered Strip.

There are also a few territories that are a bit confusing, e.g. the outlines of Hook Tip makes it a bit difficult to distinguish it as part of Terax Southern Shelf and not one of the surrounding bonuses, and the outline of Mountain Runoff makes it a bit hard to distinguish it as part of Coron Sanctuary; and the territories of Autumn Frigate make it very hard to tell this bonus's territories apart.

In addition to that, there is a slight balancing issue: e.g. Twin Forks and Ara Quadrant are 2 for 4, whereas Space Facility and Far Exploration Moons are 4 for 3.

All in all, a very very good 1st map. These slight mistakes are easily correctable and once they are, you'll have a very fun, competitive map, and I hope to see more of your maps in the future.

Edited 5/5/2014 07:12:07
My First Map: Xenophagia: 5/5/2014 14:44:00

Belgian Gentleman
Level 55
This seems a great map ! Incredebibly nice for one of your first WL map. That means we can expect much from you in the future!

Can you please invite me to one of your test games?
My First Map: Xenophagia: 5/6/2014 01:58:32

Level 30
Thank you for some of the error reports, I have ideas for my second map with more creativity and a cool gameplay variant. Expect a new map in some following weeks!
My First Map: Xenophagia: 5/11/2014 13:13:45

Level 52
Andremoose, on a scale of -10 to 1, where would you personally place your map?
My First Map: Xenophagia: 5/12/2014 02:39:53

Level 49
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