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Donuts 2: 5/5/2014 14:00:44

Volt Tackle
Level 49
It has been proven in my earlier thread that donuts do not need holes to be classified as donuts. Because of this, it is proven that donut holes are donuts because the do not have a hole. Now, considering that all ring-shaped donuts have a hole in the middle, a donut hole, and donut holes are donuts, all ring-shaped donuts are donuts wrapped around donuts, and are therefore double-donuts.

This brings up another another point: what about jelly-filled donuts? It should be obvious that the jelly is filled inside of a hole. And, since it is proven that donut holes are donuts, there is a donut inside of a jelly-filled donut. But the jelly has to fit in somewhere, and it does: inside the donut that is inside the jelly-filled donut. So, there is a jelly-filled donut inside of the jelly-filled donut. And, since jelly-filled donuts have a hole in them- which is proved to be a donut filled with jelly- all jelly-filled donuts are infinitely filled with infinite jelly-filled donuts.
Donuts 2: 5/5/2014 14:44:32

LustyTrucker 10:4
Level 46
You need to get laid
Donuts 2: 5/5/2014 18:45:43

Level 31
umm... mind blown
Donuts 2: 5/5/2014 19:54:45

Level 62
better stop identifying all 4 corners of a square into one single point
Donuts 2: 5/7/2014 10:27:35

An abandoned account
Level 56
Are we talking about classical or relativistic doughnuts?
Donuts 2: 5/7/2014 13:04:19

Volt Tackle
Level 49
What's the difference?
Donuts 2: 5/7/2014 18:17:39

Red Menace
Level 55
nerd alert
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