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Official borders of West Africa?: 5/5/2014 21:38:17

҈ TeeMee123 ҈
Level 45
I am planning in extending my map of Benin to include all the other countries in West Africa (a UN macro-geographical [sub]region), but I have found conflicting sources and maps of the actual border. The main problem lies with Mauritania, which is in West Africa on 2 images from wikipedia, but not in West Africa on Google Maps. Does anyone have a clue whether it is in North Africa or West Africa?
Official borders of West Africa?: 5/5/2014 22:23:19

Level 59
Mauritania is in Northwest-Africa, which would make it part of both.

Mauritania is part of the geographical North-Africa but NOT the Northern Africa (as a UN subregion)

Mauritania itself is often refereed to as West-Africa.

Bottom line is Mauritania is in West-Africa, but often included in North-Africa. (Which makes the reason for my first sentence. )

So, yes Include Mauritania in your map.

Edited 5/5/2014 22:32:16
Official borders of West Africa?: 5/6/2014 16:05:05

҈ TeeMee123 ҈
Level 45
Wow you know Africa well! Thanks!
Official borders of West Africa?: 5/11/2014 13:18:25

Level 52
dont forget that Crimea is now part of the Soviet-Union!
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