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New clan.....: 7/16/2012 18:09:24

Level 19
Hey guys, I have started a new clan. 
The clan tag will be [Unicorns]. 
It will be exactly like all of the other clans. 
I am currently the sole member, and we are NOT recruiting, and never will be. 
I will forever be the only member. 
We will have a website, and we will post important clan information there. 
We will also start a new thread biweekly to post unimportant clan information here on the forum.
The purpose this biweekly thread is four-fold:
1. Clutter up the forums with pointless information.
2. Make everyone jealous about not being allowed in the clan.
3. I haven't thought of a 3rd reason yet. It will be included in the next news post.
4. I want attention.
Also, I'm going to keep posting a clan membership list on this thread, updating it every hour.
Lastly, I'm going to pretend that I'm really really really good, because hey, I'M IN A CLAN (ladies, please.)

Finally found a way to use the sarcasm font. It sucks because it doesn't wrap, and the line spacing is huge.

Anyway, now that I'm done satirising, I need to get my point across. JUST STOP. Seriously. I'm clearly not the best player out there. I know that. But I definitely am not going to want to be in a clan to "learn from" someone who has a 6% 1v1, 33% 2v2, and 32% 3v3.

Also: GRAMMAR and SPELLING. I mean, I know its informal, I'm not going to go super Grammar Nazi on here, but when I cant understand posts because 68% of the words have no vowels, or are made up of one letter, it gets kind of aggravating. Making mistakes here and there --- fine. But try to make your writing understandable. A lot of people here are not first-language English, and I have to say, your writing is usually far more comprehensible than most people here. Overall, I'm not trying to be hard on people here. But not only does it make you look better when your words have the proper number of vowels, but it also allows people to actually understand what you are trying to write.

That's my rant. Sorry to be that guy, but it really needed to be said.
New clan.....: 7/16/2012 18:13:50

Ⓖ. Ⓐrun 
Level 57

is the clan not real then?

*tears welling up in the 5 year old's eyes*
New clan.....: 7/16/2012 18:18:14

Honey Badger 
Level 48
Arun, Just stop. Please.
New clan.....: 7/16/2012 18:19:56

Honey Badger 
Level 48
Haha! Perfect timing to mess up my grammar...
New clan.....: 7/16/2012 18:37:07

Ⓖ. Ⓐrun 
Level 57

i dnt knw wht BBBG s cmplnng bt
New clan.....: 7/16/2012 23:35:01

Level 45
While I do agree with you, it is my solemn duty as a person with Internet access to point out the following:
Also: GRAMMAR and SPELLING. I mean, I know its informal, I'm not going to go super Grammar Nazi on here, but when I cant understand posts

Both "it's" and "can't" should have an apostrophe (for honesty's sake I have to admit my spell checker had to correct my, initially incorrect, spelling of "apostrophe").

Sorry, couldn't resist ;)
New clan.....: 7/17/2012 02:27:49

Kenny • apex 
Level 59
Where is the like button on this!?!
New clan.....: 7/17/2012 09:08:56

Level 58
HaHa, RvW LoL
New clan.....: 7/17/2012 17:18:01

Level 19
Okay, so the current membership list is:
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