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Eurasia & Africa (help fixing borders?) & Updated Ancient Greece Map: 7/20/2012 01:20:57

Level 55

This map has been finished for about three months. But I don't want to release it until borders are clearer (no overlap, clearer colors) and a few other strategic changes (add a few territories, add more distribution modes) have been made.

Dodo Commander already helped improve Africa's borders. If someone else could help with another region, the map could be released earlier. As it is, I won't have time until Chinese New Year's break (February).

In exchange for your help, you will be thanked on the map's page and I would be willing to help you with game strategy (or in some other way, if it is possible).

I don't read the forum much, so contact me by making a game if you are interested in helping.


Also, I updated my Ancient Greece map:

If you like that map or are interested in trying a new map, it'll be public whenever Fizzer gets around to making that happen. There are a lot of distribution modes related to ancient Greece, in case you like role playing or a little variety.
Eurasia & Africa (help fixing borders?) & Updated Ancient Greece Map: 7/20/2012 12:13:47

Level 19
I contacted you in-game about it. I'd love to help.
Eurasia & Africa (help fixing borders?) & Updated Ancient Greece Map: 7/21/2012 22:31:30

Level 55
I also have one other map project I haven't had time to complete: Ancient Greece & Maritime Trade. If anyone is interested in drawing territories, the new version could go public before winter.

Additions I've put off doing:

- make the boxed areas full-fledged territories (about 25 territories)
- add territories to Italy, based on a map I have saved in the svg (about 10-15 territories)
Posts 1 - 3 of 3   

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