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Suggestion For a Narrator: 8/1/2012 23:05:25

Level 18
Okay I have no idea where you put suggestions so i will post it here.

Narrator For Territories

If anyone has played risk online you know that when you click on a territory a guy will say the name of the territory. So i was thinking why can't we have that here. I don't know much about computer programming, but i figure to do this it would require you to go through all the maps and reconfigure them to have the narrator. Also this would be good for maps in forieng languages becuase you could have the narrator pronounce it in that language or a different language at your choosing. If this is possibly somebody let me know. I think this is a very good idea and it just adds details to the game.

P.S. Fizzer if ypu see this please respond.
Suggestion For a Narrator: 8/1/2012 23:11:15

Level 45
While I like the idea and I think it would be a good addition, I seriously doubt that the effort is worth the time. Fizzer seems very busy these days and this would surely take a while to set up, after which map makers would need to recreate their maps. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is very difficult to do.

As an alternative, I would suggest that only some maps are reconfigured, if at all, such as medium earth, europe, imperum romanum etc., i.e. the most commonly played ones.
Suggestion For a Narrator: 8/1/2012 23:29:02

Level 49
I've started a project that's going to be a very large France map. And French is only my fourth language, so I doubt I can pronounce all of them correctly. How would I figure that out?

And what about places you can pronounce in multiple ways? For example, take the city Groningen in the Netherlands. (Sorry, I couldn't think of a more international example)
Most Dutchmen pronounce it like this:
But the locals say Grunnen, which sounds different (sorry, no sound file here).
What should you pick: what the locals call it, or what it is internationally known as? If you take the last one, Glasgow will start rhyming with cow and Cambridge with ham-bridge.
Suggestion For a Narrator: 8/1/2012 23:30:11

Level 49
(Sorry for the double post)
And last but not least, all those sound files will drastically increase the total map file size, causing more lag.
Suggestion For a Narrator: 8/2/2012 00:15:52

Level 19
Yeah, I have to agree with Moros. Imagine how large the file size for US Large would be... Also, I dont know how many people actually have the sound on when they play. I know I turn the sound off because, to be honest, I find the sounds kind of obnoxious. I mean, I guess some people might enjoy it, but I dont really think its worth the effort to go through and record audio files for every territory of every map.
Suggestion For a Narrator: 8/2/2012 00:44:50

Level 45
Well, that would be the least of our problem as there could be something installed, like a setting of some sort, allowing for us to make a check after the sounds we do like.
Suggestion For a Narrator: 8/2/2012 01:20:51

Level 59
Report has pretty much all cities and countries of the world and all of them have an associated sound file that examplifies the pronounciation. although its english only. it would be easy to have a link click refering to that same sound file to listen to it. without major overhaul in the engine and map creation.

google translate had a similar pronounciation thing, with the advantage of being in the proper language, but i believe they recently closed down their API due to abuse.

you should probably submit it formally to the warlight uservoice feature requests
Suggestion For a Narrator: 8/2/2012 04:08:52

Level 55
Seems like a massive waste of file space to me.
Suggestion For a Narrator: 8/2/2012 04:58:14

Level 45
Why do you even want this, what would it accomplish...!?

I do know a little about programming; this can be done two ways:
  • Using a "dictionary"
    Pro: correct pronunciation
    Con: needs to be done per-map: huge file sizes and incredibly time-intensive to set up
  • Synthesizing on-the-spot
    Pro: relatively small files, no changes to maps needed
    Con: inaccurate pronunciation (especially bad in English, since spelling and pronunciation are nowhere a one-to-one correspondence), hopelessly broken for non-English names ("The Hague" could work, but if a map chooses to call it "Den Haag" it will be very badly mangled, possibly beyond recognisability)
Suggestion For a Narrator: 8/2/2012 10:28:08

Level 49
especially bad in English, since spelling and pronunciation are nowhere a one-to-one correspondence

Indeed! Try to guess what ghoughpteighbteau tchoghs means!
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