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local deployment is not available? +WoWp add-bug: 5/20/2014 19:25:06

Master HFG
Level 55
In the last days i tried to add a supplies-system to my 1932-diplomacy, but i failed. It was the first time i wanted to use the local-deployment-feature. After i saw on the wiki ( that i already unlocked it, i didnt found in in the scenario-creator. I read also the wiki-description about it and removed the bonuses, which are overlapping each other, but it still was hidden. I tested it out on samller maps too, but actually the local-deployment-feature is always hidden.
(My account is grandfathered, so older than the level-system)

Also i have a problem with the World_of_Warplanes-Add... Sometimes when stop moving my mouse, the add appears and hide the courser. If this happened, my coursur is invisible inside the flash-window. It remains in this status until i restarted WarLIght.
(Actually the only add, which dissolves this Problem)

Well, it would be very nice of you, if someone could help me.

Edited 5/21/2014 12:39:38
local deployment is not available? +WoWp add-bug: 5/20/2014 19:38:31

Level 57

WarLight Creator
On March 27th, Local Deployments was moved from a higher level to an earlier level. If it leapfrogged you, you just need to get one level up to get it.

The World of Warplanes ad shouldn't appear anymore as of the update 3 days ago. Are you still seeing it?
local deployment is not available? +WoWp add-bug: 5/21/2014 12:33:30

Master HFG
Level 55
Ok then... thank you very much.
I dont know what i could say now instead of this short thank you, but you've already answered all. Forgive me, that i still didn't even noticed the update. I am srry. If any problem should continue, i will write it here.

I have no experience in the forum, isn't there a main thread about bugs and possible bugs?
(I know the function to report bugs.)

Edited 5/21/2014 12:37:04
local deployment is not available? +WoWp add-bug: 5/21/2014 12:39:23

Level 58
That's all the different thread options, there's no one exsculsivly for bugs (bc of the bug report option), I'd say posting this in 'Help' was the right choice :)
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