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First map: 8/13/2012 20:31:49

Samurai Zach
Level 54
Just need a few pointers mainly.

1) How do I make the borders, grey in the middle and a green border for example.

2) I have inkscape, is there a way to center numbers in order to test out the double digit requirement?

3) How to make bonuses for more than 1 territory, a megabonus if you will which has 4-5 areas.

First map: 8/13/2012 20:42:43

Level 19
Make sure you carefully read the entire mapmaking wiki:

A lot of the questions you asked are answered in there.

If you still have any other questions, feel free to ask!
First map: 8/13/2012 20:50:52

Level 58
1) You have to do that in the WarLight editor. Select the bonus you want and change the colour. The borders of the area`s in this bonus will become the colour you selected.

2) You will also have to do this on WarLight. Just press "set centerpoints" en click in the middle of the territory`s. than press "show army`s" and you can see if they fit.

3) Also in WarLight. Click a territory and you will see the list of bonuses you have. there is a little square in front of these bonuses. If you click one of them, the selected territory will be part of that bonus.

I think you haven`t uploaded the map to WarLight yet.

Go to the multiplayer tab and select "Design Map", make a map family and press upload SVG. Click on the SVG (wich is your map) and it will upload.

If you still have problems just post them :)

Here is some more help:

First map: 8/13/2012 21:04:04

Samurai Zach
Level 54
Thanks, I missed an entire section on the wiki.

As well as the design map I guess you're supposed to enable it, but have done all that so I'm good to go.

First map: 8/14/2012 00:09:11

Samurai Zach
Level 54
One more question for you fine folks.

The dimensions of the SVG are too large for the content produced so what I need to know is, is it possible to reduce the dimensions down to something more reasonable with the entire background/design?

When I change the dimensions to 900 width and 900 height, a little box changes, in size. Not sure HOW well I am explaining this, basically can I shrink everything I've done to that size?
First map: 8/14/2012 00:29:47

Samurai Zach
Level 54
Sorry for triple posting.

Disregard, I figured it out.
Posts 1 - 6 of 6   

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