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Map viewer: strange paths showing...: 8/22/2012 03:17:38

Level 19
I hesitate posting this in bugs since I don't think its a bug, but I have two questions about this map:

1. Whats happening with the strange paths behind a lot of the unclaimed land? I assume there just outset paths, or something along those lines, but why doesn't the stroke size get changed to 1? Doesn't Warlight do that automatically? Did the creator change the paths to objects so that that didn't happen?

2. If you zoom in really close on the edges of these paths, and pan around, you get what appears to be laggy graphics. Is this just a flash error?
Map viewer: strange paths showing...: 8/22/2012 03:28:23

Level 19
It did however allow for some interesting creations...
Map viewer: strange paths showing...: 8/22/2012 16:18:31

Ⓖ. Ⓐrun 
Level 57
i got a grey wave split by yellow waves just outside the border (but with no gap)

i doubt this is a bug, just probably something to do with how grady made it
Map viewer: strange paths showing...: 8/22/2012 17:32:07

Level 14
Actually that wasn't a bug or territory at all. I think I clicked "fill bounded areas" too many times and never assigned them as a territory. All i had to do was delete them all (other than the territories) and they were fixed.
Posts 1 - 4 of 4   

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