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Thoughts on recent changes: 8/29/2012 23:42:47

The Duke of Ben 
Level 55
I've had some time to play with some changes in the latest update, and I thought I'd offer my thoughts and offer a place for others to do the same.

First, linking territories is just about the best new feature I've seen yet. It's a huge help when playing team games or negotiating in FFA. It helps when talking tactics or just learning geography. Very nice change.

Not so nice, in my opinion, is that attack only and transfer only are now off by default. The result, as expected, is far fewer games that use the function, as many game creators are unaware of the new default. They are both amazing options that allow higher level play for people who are interested in skill. Even though it does help level the playing field for players who don't have a clue (not necessarily a good thing, in my mind), it won't help them to learn how to use those features in the first place. Anything that raises the bar for skillful play should be encouraged, in my mind, rather than ignored as being too complicated.

So, what are your thoughts on any of the new changes to Warlight?
Thoughts on recent changes: 8/29/2012 23:48:56

Level 56
I agree with everything you said.
Thoughts on recent changes: 8/30/2012 00:07:45

Level 45
Me too. Great critique of the recent changes!
Thoughts on recent changes: 8/30/2012 00:17:42

Level 62
Eh, yes....especially about the attack/transfer parts.
Thoughts on recent changes: 8/30/2012 00:37:20

Level 50
I agree
Thoughts on recent changes: 8/30/2012 04:16:21

Level 25
100% in agreement.
Thoughts on recent changes: 8/30/2012 04:33:39

Level 55
I don't like the new option in creating games that allow only non-members to join. I'm also not sure why my old templates force join me to games - I know that is now a changeable option. But all my templates have been updated with an option I did not select.

^^ I know that is negative but please don't think I am criticising a great game, it's just two small changes I'm not convinced about.
Thoughts on recent changes: 8/30/2012 04:39:28

Level 62
Also, how do you get rid of automatically joining games you create? I like to join when all the open seats are filled, so I can see who is playing and if I did not blacklist them for their previous behavior.
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