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Invite lists: 9/3/2012 12:00:49

Level 58
I had over 3200 people on my invite list 2 days ago, and currently I'm trying to turn that into only a couple of hundred or so, the players which I know.
I got 3200 to just over 2000 using the bulk remover. And since yesterday I manually removed another 700. During the 2 hours I was deleting the unwanted players I realised a possible improvement to the method used to remove people off an invite list.
Instead of having the remove button next to each person's name, which means that each time you press the button it has to send a message to the warlight servers, and with very slow internet users (such as myself) it means 10 seconds or so to remove 1 person.
In my opinion, to improve this, you should put a small box the the left of each player's name, and you can tick the boxes of the players you wish to remove from the list. then once you have ticked all the boxes you want, at the bottom and the top there would be a box saying "delete players with ticked boxes". And buttons saying "tick all boxes" and "untick all boxes". Then that way you would only have to send a message to the servers once about who is being deleted, instead of 1300 times, which takes much longer.
Also with the "tick all boxes" function it would be faster, as you could then untick the boxes of the players you would like to keep on your invite list.
I'm posting it here as I'm not very sure about where to post this, and even though by the time fizzer has read this and given an opinion I would have finished removing players, I would like it to be easier for other players to remove players from their invite list.
Invite lists: 9/3/2012 12:59:15

Level 50
good idea i agree
Invite lists: 9/3/2012 12:59:28

Ⓖ. Ⓐrun 
Level 57
i agree it would be a good idea

i had 1500 or so on my invite list, and i removed all but those who are in my clan (around 25 players)

it took ages, so now ive set my invite list on manual, so when somebody joins warlighters, or lighters, i go to their profile and add them manually
Invite lists: 9/3/2012 13:06:52

Level 56
Great idea, it'll help alot with clearing my invite list quickly (I havn't been bothered to do it recently, and I don't invite amny people anyway.
Invite lists: 9/3/2012 13:07:32

Level 56
Sorry for the typo and double post, many is what I meant to say.
Invite lists: 9/3/2012 14:46:00

[REGL] Pooh 
Level 59
Also, the default setting is that people you play 1 game with are auto-added to your invite list.

Turn this setting off.

A nice feature would be one that you can say 'If I have played X games with someone, add them to my invite list.'
Invite lists: 9/3/2012 14:54:38

Level 58
John, I only realised this a couple of days ago. And also a nice idea there :D
Invite lists: 9/3/2012 15:40:16

Level 62
Owing to my frequently joining other player's games I now have over 4700 players on my invite list, even with removing the inactive ones...a feature like this would be greatly appreciated.
Invite lists: 9/3/2012 17:03:05

[WG] Reza
Level 45
had 5230 people on my list (frequent big ffa's :D) and deleted them all. Now i have like 10 on it :D
Invite lists: 9/3/2012 17:14:31

Level 61
deleting people = faster then before to create games
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