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Is it fair to blacklist here?: 9/13/2012 12:59:21

Level 2
Okay, so I was playing one of those Double Earth FFA games, and I made a truce with red. We made the truce last until the two of us were the only ones left. Eventually, red and I got much stronger than the other two players, so they tried to surrender. Everyone had accepted the two surrenders except me. I was considering not accepting green's surrender because he was next to red and causing him trouble, but in the end, I accepted. That same turn, red attacked me in South Africa. I got mad at him and told him to either VTE or be blacklisted. Was I being unfair?

Link to the game:
Is it fair to blacklist here?: 9/13/2012 13:05:51

Level 65
you are free to blacklist anyone you want for any reason(and even without reason). It just mean that you don't like this guy and don't want to play with him.
Is it fair to blacklist here?: 9/13/2012 13:46:36

Level 31
Don't worry about who you blacklist. As long as it is a player who, for whatever reason, you don't enjoy playing with, blacklist. I often create RT games, and if I have a teammate who doesn't use teammwork, or is just a very bad player (attacking neutrals with 7, etc), I will blacklist them. They are probably super nice people in real life, but I create my games to have fun, so I don't want people to ruin that.

When you create a game, that is YOUR game. You can keep anyone out that you want.
Is it fair to blacklist here?: 9/13/2012 15:43:38

The Duke of Ben 
Level 55
Looks like you linked the wrong game, but I think we can tell what happened anyway.

As said above, you can blacklist anyone you want, for any reason you want. If you don't enjoy playing with someone, then it's no big deal. Other than you telling them, they won't even know it happened.

Was your expectation unreasonable? From what we can see from your post, you and red had agreed to remain at peace until the others were gone. The last remaining player surrendered, and red met the letter of the law in regards to your agreement. Even though you had not accepted, it was clear that green was out of the game.

That would have been a good opportunity to talk to red and clarify when you would go to war, as that would have solved the communication problem. Getting mad at him for following your agreement with his own interpretation isn't terribly helpful, since you will run into that situation again, with other players. Your interpretation was that green was still in the game, while his interpretation was that green was out the moment he surrendered. Neither one of those is necessarily correct. Trying to force a VTE seems somewhat out of bounds to me. I'm assuming that his initial attack put you in a tough spot, and you think it was unfair to fight a 1v1 from such a tough spot. He probably thought you were going to attack him the same turn, and now it's too late to turn back the clock.

Again, communication would have solved the problem on both ends. My advice, don't let the turn roll over until you know what's happening with the other players. That turn represented a key moment in your alliance, and was an ideal location to talk things over. Consider it lesson learned.
Is it fair to blacklist here?: 9/13/2012 17:06:53

Level 59
FFA's are inherently silly imo. So much is left to luck and chance, and, yes, to deception. But in this case he did not deceive you, you deceived yourself. Blacklisting him if it makes you feel better.
Is it fair to blacklist here?: 9/13/2012 17:07:35

Level 59
"Blacklisting" should read "blacklist" in the last sentence.
Is it fair to blacklist here?: 9/13/2012 17:09:17

Level 54
History is riddled with broken truces.
Is it fair to blacklist here?: 9/13/2012 23:00:39

King of Kingz • apex
Level 55
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