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Suggestion to Fizzer: rework the tabs, slightly: 9/19/2012 18:02:45

Level 60
I would like to see the tournament page brought outside the multi player tab. If you just want to check the status of tournaments, you have to load all your multi player games first, something that matters a lot to people at work that want to check things as fast as possible with as little bandwidth as possible.

If that is too many tabs (space wise) on the top, I would suggest eliminating the help tab and pushing any content over that isn't on there already. The home tab already has most of the explanations on how to play, so the help tab doesn't really add much and just adds another place to check for additional questions. I think it would be cleaner in one spot anyway.

The Tournament tab could have the same sub pages that the multiplayer tab has (my tournaments, open tournaments, create tournament (members of course). BTW, the navigation on the tournaments page is sketchy IMO. If I click on a tournament, then click on a game inside the tournament, there is no way to go back to the tournament itself. Maybe if the click on the game opened a new window like clicking on a profile, then you can just close it? It just seems like it takes a lot of extra navigation to view games in your tournament.

While we are talking about tabs, the design maps link doesn't seem like it is really "multiplayer" as you could play maps single player as well. Again, if all I want to do is get on and work on my map, I don't need to load all "my games" before being able to do that (but it does now). I don't really know a better spot though. Maybe just on the home tab?

All this being said, I of course love the site (mad props to you Fizzer). But as a web admin on a couple of forums, I am always thinking about flow/organization of sites when I use them.
Suggestion to Fizzer: rework the tabs, slightly: 9/19/2012 18:57:02

Level 55
Settings -> Click the link that says this is part of tournament blablabla -> takes you back to the tournament.
Suggestion to Fizzer: rework the tabs, slightly: 9/19/2012 19:09:47

Level 60
Oh, I see the "recall last tournament" tab at the top. That solves that portion of my post, thanks.
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