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delay orders card: 9/19/2012 23:43:23

Level 59
currently when two players play the delay order card on the same turn only one of them gets all the advantage.
you get penalized on the double, you lose the card and you get no benefits, all calculated by luck.

even if you have multiple orders after the order delay card, if your opponent gets the lucky draw he will get all his orders after all of yours. wouldnt it be more fair to have the orders that come after the order delay cards follow out on-turn like normal?
delay orders card: 9/19/2012 23:46:05

Level 57

WarLight Creator
wouldnt it be more fair to have the orders that come after the order delay cards follow out on-turn like normal?

That's already exactly how it works. If you see otherwise in a game, you should provide a link to the game.
delay orders card: 9/19/2012 23:55:12

Level 59
am playing one right now where i just got knee deep in hell couz of it (the season ladder vs tartan), but it's still going on, i'll mail you the link when it's finished. has happened a few times before though.
delay orders card: 9/20/2012 12:36:03

Level 55
Are you sure your opponent isn't playing TWO order delay cards in one turn? That would delay his orders to beyond yours and possibly explain this situation.
delay orders card: 9/20/2012 19:30:09

Level 60
Yeah, likely you won't be able to tell until you watch the history. There may be a bunch of moves he's doing under fog as well.
delay orders card: 9/20/2012 19:52:23

The Nemesis123 
Level 8
you can lag your commands by loads by just putting 1-3 armies in a load of territories and moving them around every turn so the commands you want behind your opponents are always behind them.
delay orders card: 9/21/2012 00:31:32

Level 59
i checked back history now and it seems it was false alarm on my behalf.
he was moving around half a dozen 1 army troops after the order delay before the important moves.
so i had like 3 or 4 moves after order delay card and he had like 10.

have to start paying more attention to that possibility.
Posts 1 - 7 of 7   

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