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idea for a map challenge system: 9/25/2012 17:17:06

Level 59
got this idea inspired from the clan belt challenges that were discussed in the forum a while ago:

the idea is to allow users to create challenges associated to a map. a fixed settings template that keeps track of who is the current champion and allows other members to sign up to become upcoming challengers. winning streaks would be recorded in history and presented on stats of the map and player.

the system would setup new multiday challenger games against the current champion (player or team). with force join and autoboot of 5 days or so. so you would have to defend your championship of those settings in that map against the next challenger.

having a special forum section for folks to boast about their ownage under specific challenge settings. and a page where the challenges are listed, filtere by map, number of players, number of challengers, most popular.

might be a good idea to have it members only to incentivate folks to get their membership if they want to prove their worth in those settings/map.

dropping the idea in the forum here for some comments and discussion before adding it to uservoice as a feature request.
idea for a map challenge system: 9/25/2012 20:11:40

Level 50
Sounds a lot like the flyweight belt.
idea for a map challenge system: 9/25/2012 20:34:15

Level 59
somewhat, yes.

but i like the idea of having it settings/map specific while allowing people to come up with their own scenarios where they can try to remain king against the challengers. lots of folks will create crappy scenarios, but those will get less challengers and less glory to whoever manages to conquer them. i believe eventually folks will focus on the most popularly challenged scenarios and try to win those.

and to have it part of warlight system itself.

would be nice to have more diverse challenges available imho.
idea for a map challenge system: 9/25/2012 21:22:16

{rp} Julius Caesar 
Level 46
thats a bit of work for fizzer dont you think we are still waiting for the iphone app i think this can wait
idea for a map challenge system: 10/2/2012 17:54:57

Level 59
no more opinions?
Posts 1 - 5 of 5   

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