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game for analysis me vs vendetta: 6/25/2014 22:07:49

Level 57
game for analysis me vs vendetta: 6/26/2014 00:34:25

Kenny • apex 
Level 59
Pick wise it's an annoying map, you're deadlocked to covering SA/CA as it's very good, and then so is Asia. I would think about doing...

1. SA (Clears CA into a 3-income bonus would be better than CA clearing into a 4-income bonus)
2. SEA
3. EC
4. CA (If opponent picks SEA+EC, CA is your's, so no point in not making this 4)
5. Scand
6. WR/GL (I'm torn on which one to use, GL may be too hard to take..)

Since Vendetta picked the 3s before the 4s, we can see it's very hard for him. Even if he clears a pick he has to chew through 4 more territories to gain income, though at least in SEA he can use it to take Thailand. In this case, I would love to clear EC first, both players don't seem to recognize this as the main focus and opt out for the safer looking SA/CA combo, mistake on both sides. In a bordered game like this, it is most important to keep cards going.

Weisblut plays.. right? I guess. Like I said the focus from turn 1 should've been Asia. Taking Scand is alright, and he guesses Vendetta will plow into SA. I shouldn't really fault him because he is right, and the next turn is also completely fine. SA takes long to take and he will be up 3 income and be able to take out SEA next turn at his leisure.

Turn 4 is a total misplay for Weisblut. He has knowledge of WR, yet decides to get really greedy for no reason. This turn he should hit Murmansk hard and use his 6 stack in SEA to just take India. Maybe send only 5 to India and keep 1 back for next turn, regardless taking EC is a bad move because now Vendetta can border Scand making a won game into an odd game.

Turn 6 is a bad turn as well. Weisblut going for more income that he doesn't need, he's up 3 now, so use the leftovers for delay moves. As we can see Vendetta outdelays Weisblut and gets back to an equal-ish game.

Turn 7 misplay by Vendetta. Sure he didn't know his opponent took a card just by what he saw, but he should've inferred that since Scand only had its respective leftovers that Weisblut used his full income in expansion, leftovers would allow him to take a card especially since he didn't see full 15 income that turn. Always assume worst, if you think your opponent may have OD card, then a better idea here is perhaps taking WR completely since Weisblut seems disinterested in Murmansk.

Turn 8 misplay by Weisblut. Just deploy all and hit Murmansk. 20 hitting 13 will reduce it to 1 army, which has a very very low chance of taking something. Why take territories in Japan/Indo? Stop killing neutrals they're not your opponent. Vendetta breaking Scand was the result of a poorly planned defense. At least play it safe and bring the 5 stack back to Finland and deploy equal defense on both territories and hit with both. That may actually have a chance to eliminate Murmansk, but I'm not gonna do the math right now. Also why did you blockade Moscow? I don't get it at all.

Turn 9 - End, Sure you end up winning, it doesn't really surprise me much because for the entire game you had the advantage and none of your misplays were game ending, they were just unnecessary quirks that made the game last about.. 6 turns longer than it should've.

TL;DR: Stop killing neutrals, try to be aware of what your opponent's card situation is like, and assess the board a bit better for what fronts matter more.
game for analysis me vs vendetta: 6/26/2014 00:47:20

Level 59
haha weisblut only chose 5. i wouldn't be bragging about that weis-guy!
game for analysis me vs vendetta: 6/26/2014 01:27:50

Level 57
thx for the analysis i hope i get my 1 vs 1 stats up over 50 % soon currenly i am winning 3 out of 4 games so it should take a while
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