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LF strategic clan: 6/29/2014 04:08:27

Level 59
I'm a moderately skilled player - certainly not the best, but I'm learning from my mistakes and I feel I understand tactics reasonably well. Well enough to kick myself when I make a bonehead move.

I mostly play multi-day games since I'm in upper management for software development and have two kids, so it's rare that I can commit to a few hours of uninterrupted gameplay, and I don't like making others wait on me (see my multi-day frequency rate as some proof of this).

I'd like to join a clan who has a strategic focus so that I can improve my skills and also play in matches where I can count on my teammates to not be incredible dunderheads (he has a stack of 40 and you send 4 stacks of 10 at it, one at a time?!)

I'm fairly active - I'll be checking in multiple times/day usually. Occasionally I might be silent for a few days. I still usually find time to take my turns at least once/day.
LF strategic clan: 6/29/2014 18:06:49

Master Turtle 
Level 61
Send me mail or an invite me to a Strategic ME game.
LF strategic clan: 6/29/2014 19:24:36

Level 60
LF strategic clan: 7/1/2014 01:57:58

Level 59
I've joined the LEA since it looks to have what I want and is fairly large - giving me a good pool of people to play with.

Thanks to everyone!
Posts 1 - 4 of 4   

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