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Sandy: 11/5/2012 21:25:48

Level 26
This is to fizzer, I know that January and a new year are coming in which my vacations will be reset, but I'm still currently out of power and will not be getting it in the near future. My area was basically devastated and now people are scrambling for gas. I would like to ask if I could have extra vacations to replace the ones I used or just have a permanent one until I get power. The only reason I'm asking is because this is literally out of my control, I'm in living in darkness for more than a week now, the temps are below 50 and may soon go into the 30s. I wouldn't mind so much if I lost power for a day or something but like this was the second most destructive hurricane to the us. And there's nothing I can do. There's trees everywhere and power lines. I think that explains tht, if your wondering how I'm sending this, it is by smart phone which I charged at the mall from a plug on the ground. I don't have a laptop and people who do have power, via generator of course don't even have like Internet access. So please help a new jersian. Thank you. Believe me, this is not vacation..
Sandy: 11/5/2012 21:39:40

Darth Mylor {Warlighter}
Level 13
burgoo i think what you can do is say on all of your games that you might be inactive because of the storm. Im pretty sure no one will boot you, since some are experiencing the effects of the storm as well and know what happened.
Sandy: 11/5/2012 21:42:46

Level 49
Just warn them on your games. Maybe some jerks will boot you, but you wouldn't want to play with those people in the first place I think.
And: if you're out of power, then how did you manage to post this?
Sandy: 11/5/2012 22:29:25

Level 23
@Burgoo King - I think that if you send Fizzer an e-mail, then he will likely reset the amount of vacations that you have. (Granted, you do need access to your e-mail account to send one which might not be accessable.)

@Moros -
"...if your wondering how I'm sending this, it is by smart phone which I charged at the mall from a plug on the ground."
Sandy: 11/5/2012 23:19:58

À la recherche du temps perdu 
Level 35
Am I the only one that is aware of existance of autoboot?

By the way mailing Fizzer is the to do thing in these cases, but considering how he sended this message, he probably couldn't find fizzer mail adress or something like that.
Sandy: 11/6/2012 03:15:48

Level 23
Likely since the contact page isn't the easiest to find. (
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