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Templates Designers: 11/25/2012 10:52:33

À la recherche du temps perdu 
Level 35
Recently I have helped sze in designing a new 1v1 strategic template:

The result was pretty good and I had a lot of fun in playing it.

So I came out with the idea of finding competitive players that are willing to help me in creating new templates.

I'm doing this, because I think that in the long run playing strategic 1v1 becomes boring even if the templates are very well done.

So my proposal is to create at least one playable template every 2 weeks in order not to let boredom wins.

Please don't spam this thread, because here I would just like to link everybody the new templates that we will make.
If you are interested create a game with me so that we can fix a schedule.
It won't be committing at all: I'd like to dedicate this just one hour per week.
Templates Designers: 11/29/2012 18:36:35

À la recherche du temps perdu 
Level 35
Big thanks to everybody helped me in creating this new template:

I really like it, because it is absolutely playable and at the same time it involves very different strategies from the ones we are used to apply in the 1v1 strategic ME.

From next week I will start to work to another one, once again helpers will be welcomed.
Templates Designers: 11/30/2012 16:44:04

Level 55
Different types of ME strategies:

- 4 starting spots: more coverage/combos/counters
- 15 wastelands of 3: added nuance to picking
- unpicked warlords become wastelands of 10: different way to think about protection
- light fog: bc the above changes make it more complicated
- reduced bonus values
Templates Designers: 12/1/2012 05:34:40

Level 55
Report <-- interesting template
I made a 16-player open tournament. if you can see it, join.
Templates Designers: 12/14/2012 11:05:46

Level 60

A modification of Gui's europe, I think it's more balanced and quite fun for 2vs2.
Templates Designers: 12/14/2012 11:37:50

Level 55

I'm modifying the Europe map's strategies for Asia, using Eitz's East Asia & Oceania map as a basis.

India, China, Philippines, Indonesia, Oceania, Australia will get face lifts. Japan, Russia, Kazakhstan, bonuses in the Middle East, Mongolia have already been modified.

I should finish this weekend.

Compare it to:
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