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[20] Season 3: 11/27/2012 04:53:33

Level 59
The players voted to [20]'s A League this season were:

[WM] Trilussa
Huruey apex
Bumblebee :)
dunga apex
[WM] Dead piggy
Bishesupinerr (AHoL)
Luxis apex
Ruthless Bastard
The Lollipop Guild
Salah al Din (Only plays realtime games)
[WM]Old Surehand (Takes Salah's place)

These 20 players are recognized as the best 20 active overall players on warlight. It's a very big honor to be voted into [20]'s A League and these guys definitely deserve it. Congrats guys!

The links to the round robin tournaments can be found here:
Europe 3v3:
Europe 2v2:
Medium Earth 1v1:

There will also be some double elimination tournaments going on between these guys just for fun and players will not be ranked by them.

Once the A League tournaments are underway, the B League tournaments will be made. I have a start on the list of players for B League but am still working on it. [20] will also have a C League this year with the guys who weren't quite good enough to make it into B League. The C League guys will still be good players, just not quite as good as A or B League players.

Also, one request I have had by a [20] A League member is to be able to tell from someone's profile which league they are in, if they choose to include [20] on their tagline. What I mean is, instead of having the usual [20] most [20] players include on their tagline, they will now be asked to include the letter after the 20. For example, On Sze's profile, he can add [20A], showing he is an A Leaguer. It's fine if you want to stick with the regular [20], but you have the option of adding the extra letter at the end to be more specific.

Also, Proving Ground will be like a lower level of [20] this year. The players that didn't quite make the cut for [20] will be invited to Proving Ground. There will be 2-3 Leagues depending on how many players are interested. There will also be a level below that called Learning Ground for players that aren't very good at warlight yet. There will be 2-3 leagues in Learning Ground as well. Proving Ground and Learning Ground will be harder to find players for, as there are many players that are very close to the same skill in that area, so please let me know if you are interested in being in any of these leagues.
[20] Season 3: 11/27/2012 04:58:42

Clifford The Big Red Dog 
Level 37
I'm interested, don't know where i would be placed though
[20] Season 3: 11/27/2012 06:31:57

Level 35
Billy Walsh not playing?
[20] Season 3: 11/27/2012 11:06:56

{RSP} Nike
Level 4
awww.... i'm not good enough for group A :O
[20] Season 3: 11/27/2012 11:10:56

Level 55
i expect i would fit in the c league. or the b league depending on how many participants there are.
[20] Season 3: 11/27/2012 13:55:46

Level 29
20 of the best, sure. But the 20 best?...
[20] Season 3: 11/27/2012 14:02:14

Anti-x Capybara
Level 1
The S league is more appropriate for you. The S stands for sucks, lol.
[20] Season 3: 11/27/2012 15:03:18

Level 62
Can I be part of either the B or C league?
[20] Season 3: 11/27/2012 15:22:27

Level 57
Is there a z league for me
[20] Season 3: 11/27/2012 16:41:19

Level 59
Then what's the point had tournaments "Proving Ground League A"? ;-)
[20] Season 3: 11/27/2012 17:34:30

Level 45
I'm interested in joining for whichever league matches my skill level, which I believe would be proving ground.
[20] Season 3: 11/27/2012 18:10:17

Level 57
can i play the 1v1 ?

i want play vs good player
[20] Season 3: 11/27/2012 18:29:05

Level 60
proving grounds is good competition too. That is where I belong too (not in the top 20 talks, that is for sure).
[20] Season 3: 11/27/2012 18:37:00

[WM] Anonymous 
Level 52
Oh, i had been removed :O
[20] Season 3: 11/27/2012 19:15:37

[WG] Warlightvet 
Level 16
i'd love to join in the highest league available to me
[20] Season 3: 11/27/2012 19:42:38

his balls. 
Level 60
I will join any league. Thanks.
[20] Season 3: 11/27/2012 23:13:44

Level 59
Aziridine, These were the 20 guys voted on top be a part of [20]. The top 17 were voted on by about 10 guys, all very good players and most are on that list. The next 3 were voted on by the first 17 members accepted to [20]. It's not a completely accurate system but it works pretty well. There will probably be at least another 5 or so invited to take the place of people who decline or don't respond. You are one of the first alternates, so there is a very good chance you will be invited within the next couple days.

Darkw1ng, Proving Ground helped me on B and C League and Proving Ground Leagues this season. Chances are, 3-4 guys from Proving Ground League A from last season (including you) will be invited to B League because they did well in Proving Ground, as well as other tournaments and games.

Red, You also have a chance of getting into [20] A League. It is not as likely as with Aziridine but there is definitely a chance. If you don't make A League, you will definitely be invited to B League.

AwesomeGuy, I don't think you're quite at the level we're looking for in [20]. You will probably be invited to one of the Proving Ground Leagues though.

For everyone else who expressed interest, thanks for letting me know, and you will definitely receive an invite to one of the leagues pretty soon.
[20] Season 3: 11/27/2012 23:24:14

♦CPU♦ Iblocka09
Level 3
put me in anywhere plz. sory for the bad gramer, senind from cell in the middle of clas ha
[20] Season 3: 11/27/2012 23:24:24

{rp} Julius Caesar 
Level 46
i want in too please
[20] Season 3: 11/27/2012 23:34:43

{RSP} Nike
Level 4
i'll join if i get into the B league. My high boot rate and no membership forbids me from playing with some of the best players
[20] Season 3: 11/27/2012 23:34:47

[WM] Anonymous 
Level 52
Who did formed the A league? Who voted? Based on what?
[20] Season 3: 11/27/2012 23:37:19

[WM] Anonymous 
Level 52
Just wondering why there are 2-3 guys which were ranked lower in the previous 1v1 20 A league, and i wasn't even mentionated :)
[20] Season 3: 11/27/2012 23:37:30

Dr. Hyde
Level 1
I find it amusing a person who i think would be fringe C, is in charge of A.

Answer to Red's question may help the other dissenters.
[20] Season 3: 11/27/2012 23:50:06

À la recherche du temps perdu 
Level 35
1) Me
2) Me
3) Coinflipping mainly
[20] Season 3: 11/27/2012 23:58:25

Anti-Gui Monkey
Level 2
Where are zaeban, Beezlebub, and Oliebol? They are better than some in A. Beezlebub is at least as good as Gui's lawyer Trilussa. And Oliebol is not only the best player right now, he's also the best player of all time.

At least Gui and Billy Walsh didn't make it. They are all talk.
[20] Season 3: 11/27/2012 23:59:18

Level 59
Hyde, No one knows who your older account is. So your opinion doesn't matter in this thread. Say that with your older account, and maybe people will listen to you.

Red, You were mentioned in voting. You just didn't receive enough votes to make it into A League. I organized A League this season. The guys who voted will remain unanimous unless they wish to reveal themselves. The first voting was done by 10 players, and I believe 8-9 are in A League. The second voting was done by the first 17-18 guys in. They voted for the next 2 guys who they felt like should make it in. Huruey and Bumblebee were the top 2 vote getters in the second voting, with Old Surehand in third.

I don't know which 2-3 guys were rated lower last time than you. But it's always possible they have improved and gotten better than you in the 100+ days since the last season. The way the alternates look like right now from different voting and suggestions I have heard from the A Leaguers:

1. Grona apex
2. EZPickens
3. Aziridine
4. V
5. Niko
6. Lightning McQueen
7. Spiny Psy
8. [WM] Red
9. Rafal
10. [WM]Gnuffone

There are also another 10 alternates I have on list but I will keep them quiet from the forum unless they are needed.

The B League will have 40 players (2 tournaments), because there are so many people very close in skill level at that level.

I hope that answers any questions people may have.
[20] Season 3: 11/28/2012 00:03:22

À la recherche du temps perdu 
Level 35
Anyway answering seriously, I don't think that making any critiques is right, as long as you make them this way (I'm not talking to Red, just in general).

If someone thinks himself deservable for A league, he should precisely tell of wich players he thinks of being better and then let's see what everybody thinks of it.

As far as I know, judges -whose identity will remain secret in any case- were the best players on Warlight, other than being absolutely impartial.

Of course this way didn't lead to perfection (as nothing in this world), but I think that the result wasn't so bad.
[20] Season 3: 11/28/2012 00:07:46

Level 59
Zaeban is inactive. Oliebol is one of the later alternates not mentioned there because he was not voted in. Perhaps because the top players looked through his ladder strategy of becoming #1. And perhaps he is not as good at team games. I've never seen him in any team games so I don't know much about him. Beelzebub is another one of the later alternates and while 1-2 guys said he was good enough, I didn't hear him mentioned by any others as deserving of a spot in A League or even to be in the running. Oliebol and Beelzebub will definitely be invited to B League though and could get into A League if a lot of the top guys were to decline, although that is highly unlikely I think.
[20] Season 3: 11/28/2012 00:10:29

Dr. Hyde
Level 1
These rankings are hilarious.

My account will decline this.

Besides Gui's 3 nominations. One could easily list 20 that are not placed but deserve to be mentioned, and these 20 are better than the lower half of the list you made.

I wonder why Apex is so well represented as well :D

Surely Aziridne (who I consider a top 5 player) and Niko (who lingered at #1 for a while) deserve to be listed 1, 2.

Where are Byjtie, Sumarai, jasiek, among many many others.
[20] Season 3: 11/28/2012 00:15:07

À la recherche du temps perdu 
Level 35

[20] is not only 1v1 strategic...

[20] have to include te best overall players.

I've never played with Aziridine, but I'm sure he is great in strategic templates, but in my opinion if a guy has no europe experience, he cannot be considered at all into the top 5.

Plus your opinion really doen't matter anything as long as you won't reveal who are you.
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