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Live Events: Week #13: 11/28/2012 19:24:44

Kenny • apex 
Level 59
Welcome to Week #13. Please give a round of applause for new commentators, as Reza and x will be my new back-ups, and later permanents to give Szew and Dunga frequent breaks! :). Of course, there is no one who will replace me ever, so I will still be as tired as usual. Anyways, big thanks to Fizzer for making Week #12 interesting with a 64-player live tournament and the new Heavy Earth map we're still playing with. I felt that the 64-player live tournament went well and definitely can be repeated.

I feel like hosting another Shortlist Round Robin. So I will host another Shortlist Round Robin this Friday, time will be announced as soon as I talk to all the people I'm inviting ^^. The template will probably be Turkey, unless they overwhelmingly vote in something else. It'll give a nice review for the 1v1 on Saturday.

Btw, look down at the winners column. I added a 'Legends' column. Quite interesting.

Here's the templates for this week:

1v1: Turkey
2v2: Some type of Heavy Earth. A definite template is TBA.

Big thanks to all of you for watching and helping out and good luck this week!

Times & Dates: 1:00 PM GMT-0 @ November 30th, 2012 (Dunga Live Class)
12:00PM US/Central @ December 1st, 2012 (1v1)
12:00PM US/Central @ December 2nd, 2012 (2v2)
4:00PM US/Central @ December 4th, 2012 (Lolowut's Coffee Break)

Methods of joining:

The easiest way to join this tournament is to post here. You will be thrown into my invite list directly, and be thrown into the total count of participants. This will help me gauge how many people will be playing and how big to make the tournament.

There are two other ways to join. I will be making a "Lobby" to test whether or not the participants signed up are active. This will show up in the tourney listings. So either you can be invited to it, or join it outright.


Even if you post here and get thrown on my invite list your spot is not guaranteed. You have to prove to me you're on at that time. I will be inviting everyone I know on Warlight into this "Lobby", to guarantee your spot you must join that tourney.


You may be disqualified from ever entering the tournament again if you:

1. Fail to join the actual tournament.
2. Get booted during the actual tournament.

It is up to the host's discretion.


Currently, Mythonian, Kcscrag, and I are the hosts. We have 2 official expert commentators named Dunga and Szeweningen. If you're interested in becoming a commentator (especially useful when one of us doesn't feel up to doing it), invite me to a game or add me on skype at Lolowut. You must have skype in order to become a commentator, I'm not willing to play around with unfamiliar programs. Only things you'll have to prove to me is that you have enough knowledge of 1v1 and in some cases 2v2 in order to accurately analyze a game, and not have a boring voice.


Q: What happens if we don't get a nice number of people that would make the brackets logical?

A: Everyone who joined the Lobby will be thrown into the actual tournament, if the number of people is greater than the bracket, then it becomes a contest of joining fastest. I'm not willing to set up byes and odd brackets and host the tourney through invited games. Sorry, just the way I run it.

Q: Who hosts the stream or tournament if none of the hosts(Lolowut, Mythonian, Kcscrag) can?

A: Anyone can host it. I'm sure if I'm unable to host it I'd be willing to give you tips on how to do it. The stream requires a great computer, so be careful.

Q: I don't have a great voice and speak English terribly, but I do want to help the analysis, how do I do so?

A: Add Mythonian or I on skype. Me @ Lolowut and Myth @ Mythonian. We both have skype up during the tourney and can get your thoughts conveyed.

Q: I signed up, but I'm not getting invited. Why?

A: If you were disqualified from entry ever again, I've invited you to a game and informed you. Plead your case, I may be willing to let you back in.

Past Winners:

#1 (Sept. 8th): Zerbi (1v1)
#2 (Sept. 15th): Szeweningen (1v1)
#3 (Sept. 22nd): Phantasmagoria (1v1)
#4 (Sept. 29th): Szeweningen (1v1) Myhand and Szeweningen (2v2)
#5 (Oct. 6th): Heyheuhei (1v1)
#6 (Oct. 13th): Timinator (1v1) (Oct. 14th): Timinator and Heyheuhei (2v2)
#7 (Oct. 20th): Brisk (1v1) (Oct 21st): Timinator and Heyheuhei (2v2)
#8 (Oct. 27th): Timinator (1v1) (Oct. 28th) Simba and Myhand (2v2)
#9 (Nov. 3rd): Szeweningen (1v1) (Nov 4th) Trilussa and Gnuffone (2v2)
#10 (Nov. 10th): Timinator (1v1) (Nov. 11th): Myhand and Gnuffone (2v2)
#11 (Nov. 16th): Tie between: Timinator - Heyheuhei - Frankdeslimiste (SLRR)
(Nov. 17th): Heyheuhei (1v1) (Nov. 18th): Timinator and Heyheuhei (2v2)
#12 (Nov. 23rd): Aper (1v1) (Nov. 24th): Timinator and Myhand (2v2)


Timinator: 7 wins 1 tie
Heyheuhei: 5 wins 1 tie
Szeweningen: 4 wins
Myhand: 4 wins

Congrats to the winners and legends!

I'll see you November 30th!

- Lolowut
Live Events: Week #13: 11/28/2012 19:51:27

Level 57
I am going to try and watch one for a change, i normally keep missing them. Kepp up the good work Lolowut, warlight would not be the same without you!
Live Events: Week #13: 11/28/2012 20:00:05

Frankdeslimste • apex 
Level 58
You misspelled my name :/

Also I'll be missing the 1v1 but I'm in the 2v2 with Myhand (I think he said yes :p)
Live Events: Week #13: 11/28/2012 20:02:19

Frankdeslimste • apex 
Level 58
And I meant the saturday 1v1 with that (if it wasn't clear).
Live Events: Week #13: 11/28/2012 20:14:57

Kenny • apex 
Level 59
Sorry for misspelling your name. I added an i by pure mistake. Sadly I can't edit posts or I'd edit it ^^
Live Events: Week #13: 11/28/2012 20:18:15

À la recherche du temps perdu 
Level 35
Will you stick with Turkey settings also for next week?

Anyway when the map creator will fix a bug, I will make you see a very original strategic template that I've created.

I would like to see the RR with the top players with it, since it involves a very different type of gaming strategies from the strategic ME, so that it will be an interesting way to see real skils of people:P
Live Events: Week #13: 11/28/2012 20:35:50

Huruey • apex 
Level 9
Any chance I could get in on the RR? What time would that be starting?
Live Events: Week #13: 11/29/2012 01:46:40

The Defiler 
Level 54
I hope we do another 64 player tournament again. Due to random annoying stuff happening, I keep missing the 1v1s, but I will probably be able to do the 1v1 this week.
Live Events: Week #13: 11/29/2012 06:34:33

Level 58
Good luck guys :D also thanks again Lolowut for taking the time to organise all this.
I won't be participating again, because of the map and templates, I'll just wait until I see one I prefer ;) I might join the 1v1 if i have nothing to do, turkey doesn't look too bad, but heavy takes too much thinking
Live Events: Week #13: 11/30/2012 17:29:32

The Defiler 
Level 54
I'll need a partner for the 2v2, if anyone wants to be on my team.
Live Events: Week #13: 11/30/2012 18:49:09

Level 10
Ill join my self for the one on one invite me early so i can get my cookie thank you :D
Live Events: Week #13: 12/1/2012 15:43:59

The Nemesis123 
Level 8
Can I join please too
Live Events: Week #13: 12/1/2012 17:17:31

{101st} Seriously, I am not Gui
Level 2
May I also join? 101st will win this one!
Live Events: Week #13: 12/2/2012 07:24:16

Sze Likes His CLOT
Level 2
c'è un link per i tornei?
Live Events: Week #13: 12/2/2012 08:31:01

Level 58
Live Events: Week #13: 12/2/2012 08:50:00

Sze Likes His CLOT
Level 2
E tutti i miei account perso! Niente vino né stasera le donne.
Live Events: Week #13: 12/2/2012 21:37:49

Level 60
Wargaminglive drinking game rules:

1) take a shot every time szew says "actually"
2) take a shot every time Mythonian says yup
3) take a shot every time dunga's word is incomprehensible :)
4) take 2 shots when sth "makes no sense"
5) take 1 shot when lolowut says uhh
6 and final) take 3 shots when there's a possible misclick!
Live Events: Week #13: 12/2/2012 22:26:27

[WM] ᵀᴴᴱ𝓕𝓻𝓲𝓭𝓰𝓮 
Level 59
szew - please play the drinking game WHILE you are commentating ;) please please please...
Live Events: Week #13: 12/3/2012 19:21:50

Level 59
actually, that might be fun, except on the 2v2, for being on sunday and folks supposed to work on monday morning :)
Live Events: Week #13: 12/3/2012 20:28:18

Level 62
uhh, actually that makes no sense.
yup, that must have been a misclick.
Live Events: Week #13: 12/3/2012 22:11:42

Level 59
actually that makes zero sense at all
Live Events: Week #13: 12/4/2012 21:50:19

Kenny • apex 
Level 59
Hey guys, not going to be able to do Coffee Break today, I got food poisoning and it's not fun at all. :P

I'll be around next week. ^^
Live Events: Week #13: 12/4/2012 22:03:45

Level 55
Get well soon!
Live Events: Week #13: 12/4/2012 22:53:38

Level 59
Lolowut: that was probably a misclick. hope you get better!
Live Events: Week #13: 12/4/2012 23:53:21

Level 55

i already came up with a solution to that problem. the magic of wifi.
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