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More prebuilt code: 12/20/2012 16:06:59

Level 60
Fizzer do you have more prebuilt formats we can use? Your grabs all player ID's not in games and pulls out two ID's to make a matchup. It is basically a ladder without any math determining who should play who.

Do you have language for round robin and single elimination tournaments we can use?

A RR wouldn't be that hard to create from the code (you'd have to put player ID's that have been matched up into a list and remove those from a list of all possible matchups), then pair two not in a game already. I'm just wondering if you already have this available for us to use and we don't need to.

Basically, the intent is to do a RR, then do a single elim with the top players (whatever #) from the RR results.
More prebuilt code: 12/20/2012 16:47:16

Level 57

WarLight Creator
Unfortunately I don't. The only thing I have is the code that does WarLight's built-in tournaments, and that's written in a different language against a different database so it'd have to be re-written to use in CLOT.

The hope is that players build this stuff (even better than the built-in ones) and share the code so that other people can pick it up and extend it.

It sounds like you already have a handle on how to do a RR. I can give you a short explanation on how you would do a single-elimination tournament.

To the Game table, add two integers: RoundNumber and PositionFromTop. RoundNumber is 0 for all first-round games, 1 for second-round games, etc. PositionFromTop is 0 for the uppermost game of that round, and increments as you go down.

Starting the tournament is easy. Just create all of the first-round games (RoundNumber = 0) and increment PositionFromTop for each one. WarLight matches players randomly, but you may want to seed them based on the previous tournament.

Then, after each game finishes, just check if the game above/below it is also finished. If both are finished, then create the next round game from the winners of those two.
More prebuilt code: 12/20/2012 18:52:14

Level 60
Thanks. There is a group of us in [WG] working on this, so we'll certainly share what we have when it is working.
More prebuilt code: 1/14/2013 18:50:50

Level 57
Hi Chris - you seen my post about code I put on github? That should be of use to you.
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