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To-Do List: 12/20/2012 19:42:53

Kenny • apex 
Level 59
CLOT as it stands now is a very basic program. So I'm comprising a list of other basic functions that most people will want to do. Later, we'll throw the entire code on github so that anyone in Warlight can do the very minimal activities they want.




Implementing and presenting a rating system
Insertion of steps in the ladder (IE: Making it so rank 20 plays only from Rank -y to Rank +x. x=5 y=10, Rank 10-25, we intend to make many other ways to determine steps, but this is the basic skeleton we'll be providing)


Taking a Round-Robin, and determining promotion/relegation due to rank
Taking a Single Elim/Double Elim, and throwing them into a consecutive tournament

These functions and codes we will be willing to give out for free. There are many other complexities that we will be doing, but I am not willing to give that out for free. (Building the skeleton isn't difficult, fleshing it out and tweaking it takes a long time). Anyone willing to build these skeleton base codes can work with us. So far ChrisCMU is working on Round-Robins and Reza is working on Single Elimination.

You can find me on skype @ Lolowut, I'll throw you into a chat and we can work together.

Also, errors and bugs we find will be given out for free. I have no qualms with that. I'll post updates and code as soon as they're ready!
To-Do List: 12/20/2012 19:44:10

Kenny • apex 
Level 59
Ahh, mistyped. The consecutive tournament league skeleton will involve anything. Taking people from a RR to a Single Elim, or vice versa. Will also work with Double Elims. So it's not 1-way.
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