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Design Maps: Help with land within a land: 7/4/2010 19:56:49

Level 6
In Inkscape I'm trying to create an object within another larger object. I want the big object to be split in two with a line that bisects the larger object, but not the smaller. Kind of like the Pokemon ball.

Can I split the outer object using Inkscape path-fu?
Design Maps: Help with land within a land: 7/4/2010 20:35:01

Level 57

WarLight Creator
You should be able to do this in a similar was as I described in your previous post.

1. Draw the big object.
2. Draw the smaller inside object.
3. Make a copy of the smaller inside object.
4. Select one copy and the outer object, Path -> Exclusion (this will delete the selected inner object, which is why we made a copy)
5. Draw a line through where you want the next division to be.
6. Select the line and the outer object
7. Path -> Division
Posts 1 - 2 of 2   

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