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1v1 League: 8/8/2014 07:17:50

[LN] Lion
Level 57
As a temporary replacement for the 1v1 Ladder, I have decided to host a 1v1 League. The idea is much simpler, and follows the system of the English Premier League. The 'rules' are as follows:

  • There will be a maximum of 9 players in each bracket/League.
  • The bottom 4 of the top league, and the top 4 of the next League exchange Leagues, and so on in every League.
  • There will be a 3 day auto-boot on all games with vacations not being honored.
  • You will receive 3 points per win, 1 point per VTE/draw, and 0 per loss. You will face every other player of the League at least once. You may play in upto 5 games at a time.
  • I plan to host 4 of these "Leagues"/Brackets so a minimum of 9 players are needed, and a maximum of 36.
  • The initial brackets will be decided based on seeding.
  • That's all I can think of right now.

Please, let me know if you'd like to join by saying that you would like to play below in this thread!

Thank you,
1v1 League: 8/8/2014 07:21:33

Ⓖ. Ⓐrun 
Level 57
Is that not the same idea as the Promotion/Relegation league already running?
1v1 League: 8/8/2014 16:53:39

[LN] Lion
Level 57
There is one? I don't pay too much attention :P
Posts 1 - 3 of 3   

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