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my CLOT code is on github: 1/5/2013 17:42:56

Level 57
Hi, I have put my CLOT code on github, in case it is of use to anyone.
The code is forked from Fizzer's code, so you can see what I have changed and added.

The code allows swiss-type matching tournaments. It also allows round-robin and random matchup (these latter 2 are not so interesting, but are included so you can easily see how and where you would modify the code to run whatever other type of tourney you want to add).
I have this running at

Also, you can run as many tournaments at the same time as you wish to.
Creating tourneys is password 'protected' to prevent random people adding tournaments.
You can also make tourneys that require their own password to join, so that you can stop unwanted people from joining.

But 2 things are missing.
(1) I cannot yet deal nicely with games that never start (eg a player joins a tourney but doesnt join his games). This will be fixed when Fizzer adds relevant API stuff in his next release. Until then, a winner is chosen at random in those un-started games :/

(2) I only do 1v1 games. Other types were not in Fizzer's original CLOT code, and I have not added them.


A quick comment on writing this stuff ...
I am not a 'proper' developer, but I have written quite a lot of code, including some in python, though no web stuff. I found some things here a bit tricky because I also needed to know about django and also the slight changes to django for the google app engine. I spent a fair amount of time looking things up, and scratching my head (this means I learnt quite a bit also :)

However, I have tried to make my code reasonably 'neat' - if you know some python and want to modify my code to eg add a football-world-cup-style competition (group stages followed by knockout stages) then you probably could do this just by looking at my code and figuring out which bits to make modifications to).
The file on github has further comments and info.


Finally ...
If you have comments or questions about the code, please tell/ask me. Also bugs, of course :)
Also, if you were to fork the code from my github page then I could add your extra features back into my code more easily, which would be nice.
my CLOT code is on github: 1/13/2013 16:57:39

Level 59
thanks for making it public. great resource for future work!
my CLOT code is on github: 1/13/2013 21:13:23

Level 57
Hi ps, thanks for posting :)

I'm still hoping for comments and suggestions, if/when people have them.
my CLOT code is on github: 1/22/2013 17:59:16

Level 60
I'm busy right now, but I will definitely take a look soon.
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