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Questions: I played a game and ...: 8/13/2014 20:32:45

<SNinja> Psycho_61
Level 50
I played a game and someone surrendered before the first turn. "odd" I thought, but just played as usual. Then the surrender didn't happen. Turn after turn the player just put 5 armies on each spot. Surrender was not retracted so someone (not me) failed to accept it. I got suspicious since I wasn't protecting myself from someone who wasn't playing. When that person attacked me I decided to surrender. For a lot of reasons the game was no fun for me. My surrender was never accepted. They waited 4 days and booted me out.

I promised there would be questions. so ...
1. Am I right in feeling that was not nice?
2. Can that boot be removed from my stats?
3. Any chance the "number of times a person boots another player" could be added to stats?
4. when reviewing someone else's game, are the public and private chats accessible?

tyvm - PL
Questions: I played a game and ...: 8/13/2014 20:37:05

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
1 - Generally no, though hard to say without actually seeing the game.

2 - Unlikely. I certainly have never heard of such a thing happening, though I wouldn't worry since your boot rate is so low as it is.

3 - Again I would deem this unlikely and frankly I don't think it would actually be very worthwhile. There are plenty of instances where booting is wholly justified and necessary.

4 - Public chat is available to all even those not in the game, private chats are not. The only way to share private chats is via screenshots.
Questions: I played a game and ...: 8/13/2014 20:39:11

Level 58
1. depends, why not post the game link. (eg. In FFAs it is often wise to not accept surrenders)
2. No. Don't worry though, the % will go down when you play more games, and most players have boots.
3. no idea, put it on uservoice:
4. only the public chats. (you can see your own private messages, but not other players).
Questions: I played a game and ...: 8/13/2014 20:43:10

Level 59
When posting about games a the url to game is alwasy helpfull. (You find it under settings)

1. Both Yes and no. (Since this game did not have instant surrender settings, I would say it is okey to not accept it {assuming he would have an impact on the game}. However if he asked in chat that his surr was accepted, it certently is impolite not to. Agein In my opinion this is a case to case senario)
2. No , (unless you start a new account.)
3. Possible ofc, but unlikely.
4. The Public chat is view able, private and team chat are not. You can however provide a screenshot.

FYI. You can see which player did not accept your own or someoneelses surrender by clicking on their name
Questions: I played a game and ...: 8/13/2014 21:17:40

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
Note, whenever you surrender a bubble pops up saying that you understand that you still have to take your turns until the surrender is accepted. You cannot surrender without also accepting these terms, thus your bailing on the game and getting booted is on your shoulders as much as your opponents.
Questions: I played a game and ...: 8/13/2014 22:30:14

<SNinja> Psycho_61
Level 50
This is helpful - thank you all for your replies. I am posting the link to the game:

I didn't realize it was so easy to post the game link. Also didn't realize I could find out who didn't accept my surrender. In general, I am finding some of the more 'interpersonal' aspects of this game difficult to get a handle on. I've had some pretty nasty comments made to me, but I am never sure if I provoked it without realizing it, or maybe I'm misinterpreting, etc.

I read another forum thread where the consensus seemed to be that it was impolite not to accept surrenders. Live and learn ...
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