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Cockroaches's amaizing life: 8/14/2014 23:24:24

Da Cockroach
Level 11
hey ppl i wanted to talk about the awsome way of living of the roaches

roaches have been found first in america when the brtish made a colony there the spnish ppl called them cock-roaches becuse thier shape loked like a cock to them

slowly roaches expand in the world and today they r the most founded bug in the world
humans usually fear roaches from those reasons:lokes shape size and way of walking
but dont fear roaches dont hurt they just steal ur food sometimes

roaches can survive lots of thing like hungar thirstyness
in the buttom line roaches can survive 2 weeks without food water and air!!!!

in nature they r the strongest animel by surviving

i notice ppl belive roaches can survive nuclear bleast this is partly true
roaches will not survive the bleast but roaches can survive radiation and other chmicals

anyway if u r thinking about step on a roach or gas him think for a sec.....
why killing this amaizing animel?
Cockroaches's amaizing life: 8/14/2014 23:41:15

Level 52
" Screw you roach. Stop stealing my food! *squash* "
Tell me again about its " amazing survival capability ."
Cockroaches's amaizing life: 8/14/2014 23:45:31

Da Cockroach
Level 11
u evil killer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

its the strongest animel by surviveing!!!

he dont have to eat drink or bride air for almoust 2 weeks just amaizing animel!!!!
Cockroaches's amaizing life: 8/15/2014 10:51:27

sasha grey
Level 50
amaizing anime

Edited 8/15/2014 10:56:51
Cockroaches's amaizing life: 8/15/2014 20:45:13

Level 28
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